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What’s The Most Important Part of Having Your Own Website?

January 4, 2012  |  by Anne

It’s the start of a new year and you probably have big plans for your business (and your website).  Maybe you have a website right now that you are looking to update, or maybe you’re in the market for a brand new one that will keep you up-to-date with today’s consumer demands.

In your opinion, what is the single most important part of having a website for your business?  Do you think it’s just maintaining your online brand presence, increasing leads or offering the best map searches available? If you had to pick one, which would it be?

Share your thoughts with us below – we’d love to hear your opinion!

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5 responses to “What’s The Most Important Part of Having Your Own Website?”

  1. Doug Francis says:

    Being able to interact with consumers directly as they search for information online is the most important part. For the individual real estate agent, there is no better way to introduce yourself to active buyers and sellers 24 hours a day.

    Only a well designed web site will do that job. Today's consumers does 90+% of their research online before making a buying decision (consider Amazon reviews for a minute) and form opinions rapidly. A bad website really stinks the monitor up fast!

    It is essential to understand that not every inquiry will result in a client, but it will give agents an opportunities they probably would not have had otherwise.

  2. The most important purpose for an agent website is to generate leads. A customizable IDX with the ability to create searches for neighborhoods and property types is the best option.

  3. Karen Donaldson says:

    I agree with Mark and while that is the purpose we need to remember that the information that we prove should be accurate & up to date.

  4. suzanne Valentin says:

    driving traffic to it.. and instant, free and current data

  5. karen donaldson says:

    Great way to start the year off

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