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When To Use The Temp Off Status

December 26, 2012  |  by Jess

Do you have a listing where the seller does not want the property shown at this time? Temp Off status may be your answer. When a property is in Temp Off status, the listing agreement remains in effect and the seller is still planning to sell the property. However, the property cannot be shown at this time.

Some examples of when use of the Temp Off status may be appropriate are:

  • home repairs
  • illness of owner or family member
  • storm damage
  • the seller is considering multiple offers on a potential short sale, or
  • a bank is reviewing offers for a foreclosure.

Temp Off status is for short term use. Listings should only be in Temp Off Status for approximately two weeks. While a property is in Temp Off status, the Days on Market do not accumulate. MRIS Compliance Department will send Quality Control notices to agents whose listings are in Temp Off status longer than two weeks, but if there are extenuating circumstances, an extension of this time limit can be approved. Don’t hesitate to contact the Compliance Department by phone at 301-838-7140 or email with any questions regarding the Temp Off status.

The Keystone Home Page displays your active and contingent status listings, but some statuses such as Temp Off don’t currently appear under the “all” option. You can add Temp Off to the list of statuses to display by using the Preferences link on the top right corner of the page, or you can retrieve the listing by entering the MLS number directly into the “search” option drop-down field.

For additional information on how to set your preferences to show Temp Off listings, click here.

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