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Win an iPad 2! A few of my favorite things, customer contest

October 17, 2011  |  by Marie

The end of 2011 will be upon us before we know it, to celebrate we wanted to do a quick year in review, and make it fun!  Take a quick look at the list below, these are all of the core enhancements we have released so far this year (core meaning FREE for MRIS customers), in the comments below tell us what your favorite enhancement is and why.  One lucky commenter will be randomly selected to win an iPad 2!

  • Contest will run from October 17 – November 15 11:50 PM EST.
  • Each comment will be counted as one entry, and entries are only accepted via blog comments(comments must contain the enhancement that is your favorite and why).
  • Limit one entry per person

2011 Core Product Enhancement List

  • email upgrade from 200MB to 2GB
  • ezJoin
  • Matrix upgrade (auto-email updates, multiple carts, price option for 1,000s, View As)
  • Media Connect (with multiple photo upload)
  • Compliance notifications moved to email
  • Media Connect upgrade (spelling check and photo enhancement tools)
  • Keystone centroid geocoding
  • MRIS-U training portal  (
  • mrisTV (
  • enhancements  (
  • Mobile Email  (

PS Don’t worry, we aren’t done this year, we have several more core product enhancements headed your way, keep checking the blog for future announcements!

Click here for official contest rules

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483 responses to “Win an iPad 2! A few of my favorite things, customer contest”

  1. Magdy M.Atya says:

    I would like to enter into it to win.


  2. Mark Sullivan says:

    Registration/login here is NOT user friendly. Seems to have error.

    Email notification is very functional. We are usually involved. This helps us correct things accidentally overlooked. Also kills our excuses.

  3. kingsofre says:

    I like the MRIS-U training portal. Thanks.

  4. being able to load all the photos all at once! Thank you! It's such a blessing and a HUGE time saver!

  5. TheChinSells says:

    Hard to pick one. So many good things here. I love the Media Connect tool. Helps me save time. I also like the compliance notices by email. That is a great way to prevent people from missing a notice.

    The Matrix upgrade has got to be the favorite because it includes so much. I love the view-as portion as well as the speed bar!

  6. Paul Henry says:

    Love the polygon map serach feature, use it all the time

  7. Mindy says:

    Media connect is my favorite upgrade! It's such a time saver! Thanks!

  8. Helpful customer service, ongoing Training.

  9. enochmoon says:

    media connect is my favorite, it is much easier and faster to upload and sort photos.

  10. kim solloway says:

    Media Connect is my favorite upgrade. It is so easy to use and much quicker than the previous system. I also like the fact that I can upload my photos prior to making my listing active.

  11. Phil says:

    Multiple carts is a great upgrade. Allowing for individual carts has made it much easier to keep track of and review what I have pulled and sent to clients.

  12. Toni Sherman says:

    Thanks for adding more space on the e-mail.

  13. Hope O says:

    I like the Matrix upgrades

  14. Lavina Samtani says:

    Definitely MEDIA CONNECT is the BEST! Thank you for making it easier to upload photos all at once. Great, Great upgrade.

  15. Carolyn S McCarthy says:

    Media connect is the Best! Uploading 30 photos simutaneously is HUGE!

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