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Win an iPad 2! A few of my favorite things, customer contest

October 17, 2011  |  by Marie

The end of 2011 will be upon us before we know it, to celebrate we wanted to do a quick year in review, and make it fun!  Take a quick look at the list below, these are all of the core enhancements we have released so far this year (core meaning FREE for MRIS customers), in the comments below tell us what your favorite enhancement is and why.  One lucky commenter will be randomly selected to win an iPad 2!

  • Contest will run from October 17 – November 15 11:50 PM EST.
  • Each comment will be counted as one entry, and entries are only accepted via blog comments(comments must contain the enhancement that is your favorite and why).
  • Limit one entry per person

2011 Core Product Enhancement List

  • email upgrade from 200MB to 2GB
  • ezJoin
  • Matrix upgrade (auto-email updates, multiple carts, price option for 1,000s, View As)
  • Media Connect (with multiple photo upload)
  • Compliance notifications moved to email
  • Media Connect upgrade (spelling check and photo enhancement tools)
  • Keystone centroid geocoding
  • MRIS-U training portal  (
  • mrisTV (
  • enhancements  (
  • Mobile Email  (

PS Don’t worry, we aren’t done this year, we have several more core product enhancements headed your way, keep checking the blog for future announcements!

Click here for official contest rules

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483 Responses to “Win an iPad 2! A few of my favorite things, customer contest”

  1. Mike Carnahan says:

    I love Media Connect. It's great for loading and arranging photos quickly and easily. Thanks!

  2. Fogarty1 says:

    Compliance notifications moved to email is my favorite. It makes it easy to take care of quickly and not forget.

  3. Wanda Mogzec says:

    I love the CMA upgrade. It is so easy to produce a professional presentation. Thank you!

  4. Media Connect with the multiple photo uploads has been a real time saver. It's easy to use and navigate.

  5. Toni Larios says:

    The compliance feature is one of the best, we can now blame ourselves for being fine. The map feature is also great, you can now see the neighborhood of the property you are showing, and know how big the property is. Picture upload is also great much faster than before.


    I would love an I PAD 2

  7. Jamie Romantic says:

    I personally love the new Media Connect. I live in an area where if the pics arent uploaded then no on is happy. I feel the same way when I am doing a search for my client. SO… having this feature is incredible to have it done in no time flat. I love that I can upload them all, then one by one describe them and sort them all in front of me on the same page. I am not as "techie" as a lot of people so the ease of it makes it even more wonderful. GOOD JOB!!!!

  8. charold57 says:

    I love the new CMA feature, the uploading of all the pictures at one time is a real time saver.

  9. Media Connect for sure! So easy to upload all the photos and make comments. Great job MRIS!

  10. Anon says:

    The ability to upload multiple photos with Media Connect.

  11. 70corvette says:

    The automated search feature and the ability for clienst to catagorize them i.e. favorites

  12. Jack Shrop says:

    Great upgrades please keep them coming. would love to see a mobile app for the android market.

  13. Troy J says:

    The Matrix upgrades especially the multiple carts are the feature I use more often than any other. Being able to save multiple carts is worth its weight in gold.

  14. yasmeen durrani says:

    Media connect upgrade is good.

  15. Lynda S Williamson says:

    • Mobile Email allows my licensees to be practicing real estate with clients on-the-spot. A virtual RE tool that is essential to RE business.

  16. Michele M. says:

    I like the compliance e-mail notifications. As a newer agent it helps keep me on track.

  17. Vera Melvin says:

    I like the mapping and the compliance alerts

  18. mjoffringa says:

    I like the ease of use of the new Media Connect feature within MRIS, it's made my life so much easier!!

  19. Wanda says:

    Compliance emails are great!! Media Upgrade is a big time saver!!

  20. The current platform is both easy to use and feature rich.

  21. Carol H. says:

    Media connect saves so much time uploading photos… and we all know that time is money!

  22. Joe says:

    Bulk uploading in Media Connect is the #1 time saving enhancement

  23. Tom Curtin says:

    I like the MEDIA CONNECT. This is much faster and more flexible than the old system, and it is more reliable, too.

  24. kwartzman says:

    I think the best enhancement is Media Connect!! This makes adding a listing so much easier. If you have your photos is a folder you can chose the 30 best and in one action they all load in a few minutes. This allows you to focus on adding great descriptions that will increase showings and allow other Realtors and Buyers to have more information about the rooms being displayed. You can be very creative and original too! Thanks for this enhancement!!

  25. Lisa says:

    I like the MRIS-U training portal best because being a new MRIS customer and licensed Realtor, I can find where training classes are located, and access training online.

  26. Connie says:

    Technology is always a challenge and any assistance is greatly appreciated.

  27. Maxine Lundy says:

    Upload all pictures, and the CMA are great it make it so easy, and make us look great, like we have worked for hours. Thanks

  28. Mary Ann Zaruba says:

    I love the new media connect to make loading photos easier and better. The waterfront fields don't make sense and need adjusted. When most tax records are incorrect, we should be able to overide MRIS to reflect accuracy., not be told that our sellers have to change them at the county, which won't happen. The automatic email searches are also a great thing, but don't turn them off if the clients don't go in for 45 days.
    Mary Ann Zaruba

  29. Ray Burton says:

    I particulary think that the Media Connect upgrade (spelling check and photo enhancement tools) has been a long time coming. It makes it so much easier to further describe and explain our photos accurately. Great Job !!
    Looking forward to continued Enhancements & Upgrades !!

  30. Kimberly Pace says:

    I love the Media Connect.

  31. Susannah Barnum says:

    I like the carts and the price changes.

  32. D J SCHROCK says:


  33. Laura Gray says:

    The Media Connect upgrade (spelling check and photo enhancement tools) allows me to upload and edit one time instead of duplicating my efforts. This is a time saver for those of us that work alone

  34. Lynn Pugh says:

    Thanks for the automated compliance notifications.

  35. Marilyn says:

    MRIS .com mobil e-mail and Media Connect are both enhancements that enable me to stay in touch with clients, system enhancements and have current information and photos at my fingertips.

  36. Rich Morenoff says:

    The Matrix upgrades have been most helpful to me. Thanks.

  37. laura keene says:

    want to see a capability for making brochures

  38. Stella says:

    I use the •Matrix upgrade (auto-email updates, multiple carts, price option for 1,000s, View As)
    on a regular basis and I love it. It makes my searches very easy and helps me keep track of my customers/cliets' carts organized and easy to access.

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  40. Myrna Sparks says:

    Sign meup

  41. Karen Goldscher says:

    I have found that the use of Multiple Carts (in Matrix Update) to be a wonderful new addition. It helps to organize My Clients, their potential homes, and especially -me (and I need all of the help I can get when it comes to organization). Thank you for this enhancement.

  42. Ania Miller says:

    All of the upgrades are a tremendous benefit to us all. Time savers like the photo upload has to be one of my favorites.
    Thank you!

  43. Schroader says:

    I am a heavy e-mail user. I like that the MRIS e-mail size limits have been raised. I don't have to worry about larger e-mails not reaching me.

  44. Carol Young says:

    Media connect is my favorite. Now I can just upload what I want in whatever order and give the description just the way I want to. Saves me so much time, thanks.

  45. The new bulk photo upload is brilliant! I love to see lots of pictures when I'm searching for homes and I always provide at least 30 for my listings. I think it's important when searching for your clients needs that you get as clear an idea as possible about the home you're going to show them. I don't want to waste my time going to look at a property that is inappropriate for them and they don't want to waste their time either. Bulk photo upload makes it much easier for us make a professional looking listing and to help each other out.

  46. Rod C. says:

    Thanks for the upgrades and for your continued dedication in making our mris more enjoying and valuable to use…….

  47. Wassim says:

    The Matrix latest upgrade is excellent.

  48. Roanld Khuong says:

    The Media Connect Enhancement has made uploading multiple photos so much easier and less time consuming. Expanded emails, CMA changes, compliance changes – all good

  49. tracyweng says:

    Receiving the compliance report directly (instead of it going to the Broker) has been a huge upgrade!

  50. Regina Wood says:

    Email compliance notifications! That really works for me. Thanks.

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