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Wonderful Widgets

October 1, 2012  |  by Dessie

Did you know that your Matrix homepage is completely customizable! With movable “widgets” you can choose to view the information that is most important to you right on your main Matrix homepage.  Arrange, collapse, or expand any of the moveable widgets and re-sequence them as you please. Select the widgets you use most often and hide the widgets you don’t need.

Follow these simple steps to organize your Matrix homepage and view the information that is most valuable information to you:

1. If you haven’t done so already, expand the Widgets section on your homepage by clicking the little arrow in the right corner.
2. Hover over the widget you wish to displayon your homepage.

3. Click and drag the link anywhere on the Matrix homepage.
4. Drop the widget where you want it to appear!

It’s that easy! Follow these steps and keep moving the links until your homepage features your favorite widgets!

Matrix Homepage Widgets can provide you with a quick convenience to a listing with MLS Quick Search, or your Recent Contacts, My Carts, Recent Email+ Visitors, and My Favorite Searches, which feature the saved searches you have enabled to appear on the homepage.


Additional Widgets include:                            


  • – provides you with a convenient location to view the most recent MRIS news, product updates and tips right on your homepage.
  • Market Trends and Stats from RBI *NEW* – providing MRIS customers with a direct link to RBI’s most recent housing market stats and other information that will help you always answer the “how’s the market” question.
  • External Links – gives you a direct link to products and services outside the Matrix System

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