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Xplode Conference Follow-Up: Our 7.5 Favorite Takeaways!

June 24, 2011  |  by Anne

A special thanks to all who attended Real Estate in Real Time yesterday in Silver Spring, MD!  It was a great event, with even better takeaways! Check out our favorite topics below, and definitely feel free to comment below and add to the list!

1. How to create the perfect video to maximize your listing
2. 26% of Smartphone users are scanning QR Codes
3. The #1 use for Tablets and why you need to incorporate them in your business: Immediate access to listing data
4. In your on-line marketing, you are selling the “community”, not just a home
5. Stay current with up-to-date market trends embedded on your site with RBI Market Watch Videos
6. Social media enhances customer engagement but doesn’t replace face-to-face contact
7. Audit your own website: do your links work, can customers contact you easily?
Look at real estate technology as half the battle, the other half is YOU!

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2 responses to “Xplode Conference Follow-Up: Our 7.5 Favorite Takeaways!”

  1. Trudy Severa says:

    This was a great blog post. It summarized well some of the key points from the Xplode Conference in Silver Spring. I was very glad I attended!

  2. mariestill says:

    Great to hear Trudy!

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