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Your questions about MRIS Compliance “Pop-Up” notifications answered!

January 25, 2011  |  by Anne

Since MRIS announced the return of compliance “pop-up” notifications last week, the Compliance Department would like to clarify a few things based on questions they have received.   Most importantly, a pop-up notification will only appear if your account has been flagged for a violation. You will not receive a pop-up if you do not have a violation.  The notifications will pop-up when you are logged into and are being reinstated as a tool to assist our customers in avoiding compliance notices and fines. 

If you have a Compliance notification “pop-up”:

  • The alert will communicate one of the four issues: Delinquent Settlement Date, Delinquent Contingency Expiration Date, App Reg and Temp OFF
  • These four issues are the same that appear on your Listing Compliance Report
  • Alerts will continue to appear each time you log in until the issue is corrected
  • Alerts do not replace the Compliance Notices and Fines, they are a tool to help avoid them

To review the details of your violation, select the Listing Compliance Report link within the pop-up. This will redirect you to a page to review violations and update your listings to avoid fines being imposed. You may select between “My Listings” and “My Entire Office”, and then click “Check Listings” for a detailed explanation of the violations(s).

You can also go to Keystone by selecting the “Click here to revise your listings” link at the bottom of the page. Pop-up violations will continue to appear every time you log into until your compliance issue(s) has been resolved.

For further clarification, the MRIS Support Center is always available at 301-838-7200 or by emailing

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