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Getting Documents Signed is Easier Than Ever with Authentisign

October 10, 2016  |  by Jess

Authentisign is an affordable and easy way to get your clients’ legal signatures on documents straight from your computer or iPad. FHA-approved and ESIGN compliant, Authentisign lets you get electronic signatures (e-signatures) on multiple file types (PDFs, Doc, etc.) using your PC, Mac, and iPad. Whether you’re new to Authentisign or are just considering your options for e-signature solutions, our... Continue Reading

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New Features Added To Authentisign Make eSignatures Even Easier

July 11, 2016  |  by Ellen

The latest updates to the e-signature platform Authentisign have added functionality to several parts of the signature process, giving you more options when you’re out on the road and need a document signed. Private Participant: Add a signer without knowing their email address. A private signer’s email address can be added later by another participant. Separate Authentisign Documents: Documents that are... Continue Reading


Go Green With Authentisign!

April 21, 2016  |  by Ellen

With Earth Day in our midst it seems like a good time to get the word out about how to cut down on some of the paper that comes with a real estate transaction. Authentisign is an affordable and easy way to get your clients’ legal signatures on documents straight from your computer or iPad. Authentisign is FHA-approved and ESIGN... Continue Reading


Updates To Authentisign Makes Access To Signings Even Easier

July 17, 2015  |  by Ellen

Do you use Authentisign? There are some changes to how Authentisign users can access signings which will speed things up considerably. Here’s what’s new: Users no longer need to create a password or login before signing. We’ve made it easier for them to choose between using a system signature font or creating their own signature. They no longer need to... Continue Reading


See What’s New With Authentisign

April 14, 2015  |  by Ellen

Authentisign just got a spring refresh! A few updates were made recently to improve functionality and readability, allowing the user to: Rename documents, Copy signatures, and Select different font colors (to help with readability or making parts of the text stand out). Also, signatures now display in black instead of blue. In case you’re unfamiliar with the product, here’s a... Continue Reading


Introducing Authentisign2Go!

September 25, 2013  |  by Jess

Authentisign2Go™, a browser-based version of Authentisign that is designed for the iPad®, is now available to make it easier for Authentisign customers to conduct business from the road. Current Authentisign customers, this enhancement is included as part of your Authentisign subscription, and you do not have to sign up or opt-in to take advantage of the new features. All you... Continue Reading

Authentisign on iPad

Top Producers using eSignatures to Drive More Business

April 22, 2013  |  by John

Editor’s Note: Happy Earth Day! You could reduce your paper consumption with an eSignature solution. Learn more about Authentisign by reading this post, written by John Peretz for Authentisign. In years past, if you were using an eSignature like Authentisign, it was somewhat of a novelty. But the market has changed so dramatically, that if you’re not using an eSignature... Continue Reading


Going Green to Save Some Green

April 4, 2013  |  by Jess

Earth Day is April 22, so we’ve decided to make April a month dedicated to “Being Green.” To start this month off right, check out this Real Estate IQ video “Go Green to Save Some Green” that speaks to the benefits of green living for both the environment and your bank account. Speaking of being green, Authentisign allows you to... Continue Reading

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Authentisign’s new Instanet Ink – Just released!

September 7, 2012  |  by Adam

Are you already using Authentisign as your cost effective e-signature solution? Well listen to this new addition! When a signer receives an invitation to sign a document, they now have the ablity to select Instanet Ink.  This cool new feature allows signers to sign the signature box with their mouse (from a desktop) or with their finger (from a tablet)... Continue Reading


Authentisign is Now Available in Spanish

August 17, 2012  |  by Debbie

Do you serve clients who speak Spanish? Authentisign, MRIS’s e-signature solution, is now available in English and Spanish! By simply clicking the “Spanish” link near the top of the screen, all of the Authentisign functions automatically switch to Spanish. It’s that easy! To switch back to English, click the “Inglés” link. The following is a sample translated email: Please note: The documents you... Continue Reading

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