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Keeping Content Creative with REsource

August 14, 2014  |  by RISMedia

With the arsenal of various social media pages that are amounting nowadays, keeping up with new content is more challenging than ever. Add in a business website and maybe a blog or two, and that’s more work than even the savviest of real estate professionals can handle. To truly connect with Followers and Fans, pages need to be consistently updated.... Continue Reading


Some Credit Scores Could Rise With Changes To FICO Algorithm

August 13, 2014  |  by Ellen

An announcement from the credit score company FICO may have some of your clients dancing with joy. The organization just announced that starting this fall they are not going to factor medical debts into their credit score calculations, nor will they include collections for debts that have already been paid. This could raise some people’s scores enough to qualify for lower interest... Continue Reading


CEO David Charron Discusses The Uberfication of Real Estate At Inman Conference

August 12, 2014  |  by Ellen

Last month our CEO took to the stage at Inman’s San Francisco conference to discuss how technology—especially mobile technology—is going to impact our industry. The conference organizers gave it the title “The Uberfication of Real Estate” to pick up on the trendsetting Uber car service app that has rolled out in major cities across the country and Europe. For those who aren’t... Continue Reading

matrix1 copy

How You Can Be Prepared for Matrix Changes

August 11, 2014  |  by Jess

If you’re looking for help with Matrix updates, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re a frequent reader of the blog, or you’ve just arrived on this page from a link in an email or a post on Twitter or Facebook, this is one of the most important posts about Matrix changes we’ve ever written, mainly because it links you to... Continue Reading


RBI July 2014 Market Update: Baltimore Metro Contract Activity Increases, DC Metro Listing Activity Up

August 11, 2014  |  by Corey

The following market highlights for the Washington, D.C. Metro and Baltimore, MD Metro Area housing markets have been prepared by RealEstate Business Intelligence (RBI) and is based on July 2014 MRIS housing data. Click here to view the full releases. Baltimore Metro Overview Declines in closed sales, though contract activity increases OVERVIEW The Baltimore Metro Area housing market performance was... Continue Reading

Washington DC Area

Housing Affordability a Challenge

August 8, 2014  |  by Chris Sicks

It is, of course, a cliché that “location, location, location” is what matters most to home buyers. Today, however, many may be more concerned with “price, price, price.” The median sales price for homes sold in the second quarter was $425,000 in the DC Metro area. We’ve only seen it that high three times before: in Q2 2013, Q2 2007,... Continue Reading

MRIS 301

Matrix is Changing, Sign Up for Training!

August 7, 2014  |  by Dessie

If you’re curious to see what the upcoming Matrix changes look like “in action,” then we encourage you to register for MRIS 301: What’s New & What’s Changing. This info-packed class goes into detail about the Matrix enhancements as well as new products such as Homesnap Pro, SmartCharts Pro and MRIS Close It! (just to name a few). New sections... Continue Reading

Homes in Northern VA

Washington Area A ‘Fast-Turning Market’, According to

August 6, 2014  |  by Ellen

Today released their June National Housing Trend Report and with it they published a list of ten metro markets with a bright outlook for the third quarter. Washington D.C. and its wider metropolitan area makes the list for a few reasons. Out of the ten cities our region has the shortest median age of inventory at fifty-three days and a much higher median price... Continue Reading


Keystone Listing Alert Emails are LIVE!

August 5, 2014  |  by Jess

Did you wake up to an email this morning that alerted you to listings that need your attention? Don’t freak out! These aren’t Compliance Notices or Fines, You still have time to address them at your convenience. These are simply reminders that an important date is approaching. As part of the recent Keystone updates from earlier this month, MRIS now... Continue Reading

Are You Ready for Matrix

Remember Those Matrix Updates?

August 4, 2014  |  by Jess

Now that the Spring market has passed, it’s time to reacquaint ourselves with those Matrix changes we talked about earlier this year. We want to take a couple of minutes to address what we feel are the 3 key things you need to get ready for the upcoming Matrix changes: 1. Visit for resources.The update isn’t happening tomorrow, but... Continue Reading