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Matrix is Changing

Survey: How Comfortable Are You With Matrix Updates?

March 24, 2014  |  by Jess

Happy Monday everyone! Today kicks off Matrix Update Awareness week on the blog, and we are interested to find out how comfortable our subscribers are with the upcoming changes to Matrix Navigation and Workflow. Take our short survey and rate how comfortable you are with each of the major Matrix updates, including: New Matrix navigation Navigation (i.e. the “Criteria, Map,... Continue Reading


Have You Heard Matrix is Changing?

March 20, 2014  |  by Tera

We’ve been shouting about how “Matrix is Changing” from the rooftops lately, but since that time is almost here, we want to make sure the transition is as seamless as possible for everyone. To help familiarize yourself with the upcoming changes, take a look at the variety of resources we’ve prepared that are conveniently accessible from one central location. Visit... Continue Reading

MRIS V301: What's New & What's Changing

Snowed In? Catch Up on mrisTV!

March 17, 2014  |  by Jess

With Spring supposedly on its way, it might not be a bad idea to use this snow day to get caught up with the new products and enhancements coming to MRIS. If you have time today, grab a snack and cup of something warm (coffee, tea, cocoa, etc) and watch this popular virtual course – MRIS 301: What’s New and... Continue Reading


Matrix is Changing: Be Prepared

March 4, 2014  |  by Jess

Upcoming Matrix changes are coming soon. We’ve been talking about these Matrix updates for a couple of months, but we just want to make sure everyone is prepared. If this is the first time you’re hearing about this, you can quickly familiarize yourself with the upcoming Matrix changes in 3 ways: 1. Visit All the resources that have been... Continue Reading

Matrix is Changing

Upcoming Matrix Changes: More Customization Options for CMAs

January 30, 2014  |  by Jess

Have you ever wanted to add some supplemental information to the Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) reports you generate from Matrix? With the upcoming release of Matrix, you’ll be able to customize your CMA by adding up to five pages of your choosing. For example, you might want to upload your agent resume or one of the RBI Statistics pages to... Continue Reading

Matrix is Changing

Upcoming Changes to the Matrix Button Bar

January 16, 2014  |  by Jess

In the upcoming release of Matrix, the Matrix Button Bar will consolidate all search functionality into a central location underneath both the map displayed on the Map tab and the list of results displayed on the Results tab. The Matrix Button Bar will be broken out into 4 tabs organized by category. The first tab is Actions, which contains buttons... Continue Reading

Matrix is Changing

Check Out These Upcoming Matrix Map Search Changes

January 13, 2014  |  by Jess

Has this ever happened to you? You’re using the Map Search in Matrix. You’ve drawn your shape (radius, rectangle or polygon), and then you realize you need to move it just a little bit, but to do that, you have to delete it and re-draw it again? Soon you won’t have to! With the upcoming release of Matrix, you’ll be... Continue Reading

Matrix is Changing

Upcoming Changes to Matrix: HTML and PDF Reports

January 9, 2014  |  by Jess

In the upcoming release of Matrix, you’ll notice that after you’ve selected your listings and clicked “Print,” you will be presented with two options for printing reports: HTML Reports and PDF Reports. When you click “Print,” Matrix will default to this faster printing HTML Report option, but you’ll still be able to print your PDF reports. Just click the PDF... Continue Reading

Matrix is Changing

Navigating the Tabs in the New Version of Matrix is as Easy as 1-2-3

January 6, 2014  |  by Jess

Changes are coming to Matrix, and we want to make the transition as easy as possible for MRIS subscribers. One of the keep pieces changing is how you search. The introduction of hover buttons to the menu will be a little different, but since many of today’s sites use hover menus, it probably won’t be too unfamiliar to you. However,... Continue Reading


Get Ready for Matrix Changes – Coming Soon!

January 2, 2014  |  by Tera

Matrix is changing in 2014. Early this year you’ll experience some navigation and workflow changes in Matrix. Some of these changes will take some getting used to, but we’re here to help you better understand the changes so you’re informed and prepared. Key changes include: Navigation and Workflow – Easily navigate between search, maps and results through three new tabs... Continue Reading