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How To Create a Closing Cost Estimate Report with MRIS Close It!

September 14, 2016  |  by Ellen

Another helpful tool available as part of the MRIS core subscription is MRIS Close It! – a closing cost estimate report generator that shows your clients how much money they’ll bring (or receive) at signing based on the county where the home is located. Currently MRIS Close It! has information for Maryland and Virginia counties as well as the District of... Continue Reading


Free MRIS Core Products You May Not Be Using But Should

June 22, 2016  |  by Jess

After meeting with our customers at our MRIS R.O.A.D. Show events, we realize that some are unaware of the additional products and services available to use for FREE as part of the core MRIS subscription. There’s more you can use besides Matrix and Keystone! Here’s a quick list of some of our lesser known offerings and how they can help... Continue Reading

MRIS Close It

Calculating Closing Costs Has Never Been Easier

May 18, 2015  |  by Ellen

One of the first questions clients have for agents is how much everything is going to cost at closing. We have an easy product to help you give them an accurate answer in minutes. MRIS Close It! is a streamlined way to plug in all the numbers and receive a detailed report you can show your clients on any device. You can... Continue Reading


MRIS Close It! – Have You Tried It?

November 20, 2014  |  by Tera

Determining the costs of closing on a home sale is high on the priority list for buyers and sellers alike. Luckily closing cost calculators like MRIS Close It! have made the process much easier than it used to be for everyone involved. Available for FREE to MRIS subscribers, MRIS Close It! provides quick and concise closing cost disclosure estimates for buyers... Continue Reading

MRIS Close It

Calculate Your Client’s Closing Costs – Fast with MRIS Close It!

July 24, 2014  |  by Tera

Some of the most frequently asked questions agents get from their clients are “How much cash do I need to close” or “How much can I expect to net from the sale of my home?”  Answers to these questions are now at your fingertips with MRIS Close It! MRIS Close It! – a new core product included for FREE with your MRIS... Continue Reading

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