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How To Update Listings And Photos From The MRIS Mobile App

August 23, 2016  |  by Ellen

Have you ever had so many calls about a hot property that as soon as it goes under contract you can’t wait to update the listing status so that your phone stops ringing off the hook? Or have you been away on vacation and received an urgent email from your sellers that they want to lower the price now because they really... Continue Reading


Free MRIS Core Products You May Not Be Using But Should

June 22, 2016  |  by Jess

After meeting with our customers at our MRIS R.O.A.D. Show events, we realize that some are unaware of the additional products and services available to use for FREE as part of the core MRIS subscription. There’s more you can use besides Matrix and Keystone! Here’s a quick list of some of our lesser known offerings and how they can help... Continue Reading

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