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It’s Easy To Manage Your Account on New

January 20, 2017  |  by Jess

Have you taken a spin through our newly redesigned website? One of the major benefits of the site’s updated look and feel is how easy it is to access the products you use most, view upcoming MRIS-U training classes and manage your account details. Here’s a short video to help you understand your new dashboard:   For this post, we... Continue Reading

Agents Helping Clients

MRIS-U Has A New Class Series for Buyer Agents

April 8, 2016  |  by Tera

Last week we told you about our new MRIS-U series for listing agents. For any buyer agents out there looking for ways to enhance their business, we also have a series of training classes for you. Our new Buyer Agent Series includes three classes that teach you how to unlock the power of Matrix to better meet your buyer’s needs. Classes in this series... Continue Reading


MRIS-U Has A New Class Series for Listing Agents

April 2, 2016  |  by Tera

Are you looking for more ways to promote your listings? Our new Listing Agent Series includes three classes that teach you how to use the features included in your MRIS subscription to maximize your listing promotion efforts. Classes in this series include: Maximizing Your Listing Exposure in Keystone Familiarize yourself with the optional features of Keystone such as Document Management, Marketing... Continue Reading

Car on Snowy Road

Is Your MRIS-U Class Cancelled? Here’s How To Know

January 21, 2016  |  by Jess

Brrrr…is it cold enough for everyone? Since we may see a bit of bad weather this winter, we want to remind you about our inclement weather policy for MRIS-U classes. In the case of inclement weather, MRIS-U will follow your association’s local school district for cancellations. If there is a school delay, the morning classes will be cancelled. If there... Continue Reading

Green homes

Our Green Certification Programs Class is Back

January 15, 2016  |  by Tera

If you missed our new class on Green Certification Programs last month, we are pleased to announce it is once again on our MRIS-U training schedule – this time with more locations to choose from. As more buyers seek out properties with energy efficient features, agents need to have the knowledge to answer their questions. In this class you will learn about Green Certification... Continue Reading

Greening the MLS

Learn More about Green Certification Programs

December 1, 2015  |  by Jess

In today’s market, buyers are keen to know about energy efficient features in homes, and agents need to have the basic knowledge to answer their questions. MRIS is offering a new class for agents interested in green real estate. Join us on Monday, December 14 at MRIS headquarters in Rockville, MD to learn about Green Certification Programs in Keystone as... Continue Reading


MRIS-U Quick Tip: Give Your Buyers Mortgage Estimates Directly Within Matrix Auto Emails

November 3, 2015  |  by Ellen

All MRIS customers have free access to a handy tool for sharing your preferred lenders directly within any Matrix+ email you send your clients. RatePlug drops in an interactive mortgage calculator right after the body of the email. Here’s an example of what appears after the listing:   This way your buyers don’t have to leave the listing email in... Continue Reading


MRIS-U Quick Tip: Discovering Distressed Properties

October 27, 2015  |  by Tera

Do you see opportunity in distressed properties but aren’t sure where to start? Our latest MRIS-U Quick Tip taken from MRIS 103: Discover Distressed Properties will give you a starting point. If you have a client whose budget is less than the price of the homes they want, or if you see distressed properties as an investment opportunity, don’t overlook the Foreclosures and Short... Continue Reading


MRIS-U Quick Tip: How to Create Listing Flyers From Keystone

October 20, 2015  |  by Tera

Are you looking for easy ways to promote your listings? We’ve got another MRIS-U Quick Tip taken from Keystone 201: Promoting Your Listings to help you.  If you need to create flyers to promote your listings, MRIS Marketing Center has got you covered. This core product included in your MRIS subscription allows you to create marketing materials using the information and photos from... Continue Reading


Quick Tip Tuesday: How to Save Time With Matrix Speed Bar

October 13, 2015  |  by Tera

We’ve got another MRIS-U Quick Tip to help you save time in Matrix. Did you know you can create or revise a search from any page in Matrix by using the Speed Bar Shortcut? Located beneath the navigation tabs at the top of every page, the Speed Bar uses special codes to quickly identify or edit your search criteria. This helps reduce the time you... Continue Reading

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