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New Appointment Types Just Added To Showing Time

March 28, 2017  |  by Ellen

  Today’s ShowingTime update provides new options for appointment type and inspection subtype. For appointment types you can now select: Photography Broker Price Opinion Walk-Through For the Inspection Subtype you have these new options: Chimney Inspection Foundation Inspection Mold Inspection Pest Inspection Radon Drop Off / Pick Up Roof Inspection Septic Inspection Site Measurements Make sure to update the app on your... Continue Reading


Organize Your Showings by Buyer with ShowingTime

December 6, 2016  |  by Ellen

There is a brand new update to ShowingTime that gives users the option to organize their showings by buyer. Once you have added the buyers’ name (which remains visible only to you and your team) you will have the ability to see all the homes they have toured with ShowingTime, making it easy to look back and see what types... Continue Reading


New Appointment Calendar Feature for ShowingTime

October 6, 2016  |  by Jess

ShowingTime recently announced a new feature that makes keeping track of your showing appointments even easier. With Appointment Calendar, you are able to view your upcoming showing appointments using calendar displays so you know exactly what’s coming up in your busy schedule. Read more about this new feature and how to use it here. If you aren’t using ShowingTime to... Continue Reading

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Connect the ShowingTime & Waze Apps On Your Mobile Device

June 28, 2016  |  by Ellen

Editor’s Note: Here’s a neat tip from MRIS Client Alliance Manager Adam Iobst. The free ShowingTime product that simplifies your showings can also simplify how you get there. Have you heard of the traffic app called Waze? It not only provides directions between locations, but also alerts users to routes with the lightest traffic, red light cameras up ahead, and... Continue Reading


Free MRIS Core Products You May Not Be Using But Should

June 22, 2016  |  by Jess

After meeting with our customers at our MRIS R.O.A.D. Show events, we realize that some are unaware of the additional products and services available to use for FREE as part of the core MRIS subscription. There’s more you can use besides Matrix and Keystone! Here’s a quick list of some of our lesser known offerings and how they can help... Continue Reading

ShowingTime for the MLS

Make Your Showings Easy To Manage With ShowingTime

May 9, 2016  |  by Ellen

With all the showings happening this time of year we want to remind our customers about ShowingTime. You can set up ShowingTime for your listings in Keystone so agents with interested buyers can schedule a showing using Matrix or Homesnap – and it’s FREE for MRIS customers to use! ShowingTime makes it easy to manage and schedule showings when you’re on... Continue Reading

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ShowingTime Adds In-App Messaging Feature

December 31, 2015  |  by Ellen

ShowingTime has joined the list of apps that are streamlining the way agents do business even more! Users can now contact each other or their clients from directly within the app itself. No more need to exit out in order to send an email, text message, or make a phone call. The messages are sent in real time so you... Continue Reading


ShowingTime Mobile App Enhancements

September 28, 2015  |  by Tera

ShowingTime has added a few new features and enhancements to its mobile app, making it easier than ever to manage your showing schedule. Scheduling On Behalf of Another Agent ShowingTime users can now schedule appointments in the ShowingTime system when the request wasn’t received online. For instance, when a showing agent emails, calls or texts a showing request to the... Continue Reading


We Want to Know: Are You Using ShowingTime?

August 5, 2015  |  by Jess

Now that ShowingTime is even easier to use, we want to know – are you using it? If you’re not very familiar with this FREE tool that’s included with your core MRIS subscription, here are just a few benefits of setting up ShowingTime for your listings: You can set it up from your Keystone Homepage. After submitting your listing to... Continue Reading


Confirming Showings Just Got Easier

May 20, 2015  |  by Tera

Tired of playing phone tag to confirm a showing? MRIS subscribers can now use ShowingTime Enhanced Notifications to reduce the work it takes to confirm appointments, and notify all parties of showings through a simple text message, or phone call, for FREE as part of their MRIS subscription. ShowingTime’s Two-Way Text Message system allows agents and sellers to confirm a showing by simply... Continue Reading

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