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Day 3: Using Document Management for Your Listings

September 5, 2013  |  by Jess

Did you know that you can upload documents directly to your listings? With Document Management, listing agents can upload documents in Keystone that buyer agents can access and download through Matrix. It’s a real time saver for you, especially if you’re receiving numerous agent requests for these documents and/or having to stop everything to email or fax the same documents over and over again.

To access Document Management in Keystone, click the Documents icon on the Keystone Homepage next to your listing. Also, when you’re adding or editing your listing, you can access Document Management by clicking the Documents icon in the Promotions section, located directly above where you enter your Internet and General remarks.

Once inside the Document Management program, you have the ability to upload your documents via browser, fax, or email. After documents have been uploaded, you will be able to email/fax them to recipients through Document Management.

You can also set these listing documents to be Public or Private.

Setting your documents to Public means that they are “public” to MRIS customers with active subscriptions. Setting documents as Private means that only other MRIS customers within your office can view/access these documents. So, if you haven’t been uploading documents to your listings because you thought that the Public setting meant your documents were available to the general public, there’s no need to worry. Only active MRIS customers can see those Public listing documents.

To learn more about the Document Management, click here and check out our On Demand Tool Tip Tuesday: Document Management on

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6 responses to “Day 3: Using Document Management for Your Listings”

  1. I wish more agents would use this feature! And that means both posting documents AND checking for posted documents before writing up an offer. It's a great feature! You can also post brochures, floor plans and all sorts of helpful things!

  2. Let me add one thing… it certainly would be lovely if the documents posted as "Public" were available via other sites in addition to MRIS.

  3. Can MRIS change the appearance of the "View Documents" link when an agent has uploaded documents (eg, flashing/blinking text in a bright color), so that agents eyes are drawn to it on the screen and know to click it?

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