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Business As You Know It Is About to Change…

August 6, 2012  |  by Dessie

MRIS is unveiling something BIG at the Maryland Association of REALTORS® (MAR) conference in September. Could it be a new product? A new service? The possibilities are endless, but one thing remains true: Business as you know it is about to change!

Find out at the MRIS booth at MAR on 09.10.12 at 5:30 p.m.  See the unveiling live by registering for the MAR conference.  If you aren’t planning on attending MAR this year, we have you covered! MRIS will be live streaming from MAR so you can feel the excitement from the convenience of home.

Stay tuned for more information!

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19 responses to “Business As You Know It Is About to Change…”

  1. Wow this sounds exciting. My guess is its a new way to move housing inventory more efficiently.

  2. Should be exciting. MRIS is always coming up with ways to help us work more efficiently

  3. George says:

    Perhaps a clue would have been nice!

  4. Piero says:

    There is a clue: The blue square appears to be revealing a peek at a new iPhone interface (probably Android, too). Access to Matrix via native smartphone application would be my guess.

  5. Deb Valainis says:

    I think Piero may have something there. A great move if that is what the next big thing is going to be!

  6. keji says:

    Should be exciting a new way to get more money from agent..

  7. MRIS_CMO says:

    Hi Keji — actually this new "item" joins the huge list (when compared to most MLS offerings) of CORE services that are provided at no additional cost to MRIS customers. John

  8. Mark Bertini says:

    looking forward too it whatever it is but an app sounds great! Thanks mark

  9. MRIS leads the Nation in the Real Estate Information system. I am very proud of the staff and the achievement. Way to go mris. I know the September MAR Conference will open a totally new world for Realtors. I am looking forward to the innovation.

  10. I think I know what it is… think about it hard enough and look at where there business model has been bringing them in the last two years, New product, maybe but I think this is about making MRIS an all in one system for simplifying the acquisition and research time for statistics. As we have seen them try to help agents with CMA's, which is helpful yet it's not customizable enough to each agent. If they come out with an app for the iPhone, iPad or Droid's I think it would be great but this doesn't seem like that type of announcement. I surely hope they will introduce an additional system where they will help agents create better more customizable CMA's as well as providing additional information for agents to create better presentations with supporting stats. We'll see, I hope it's as big as they say it is and if the app roll out then I think that's great though I can already do that on all my devices without an app. Waiting anxiously but I really hope they aren't going to hike up their prices.

  11. […] Business As You Know It Is About to Change… MRIS is unveiling something BIG at the Maryland Association of REALTORS® (MAR) conference in September. Could it be a new product? A new service? The… […]

  12. Jim Cramer says:

    How Rude are we to drop everything to watch some video on Monday? How much more money is this going to cost. You took away List Hub now what are you going to try to sell us something else?

  13. Hopefully some serious improvements and mobility. MRIS is behind in this category. There should have been a mobile app a long time ago.

  14. MRIS_CMO says:

    Thanks to everyone that has weighed in on this topic. As the executive in charge of this effort (along with Mike Belak, our CIO) I can tell you it's been a long a winding road to this announcement due to a number of factors that were out of our control. Some were legal, other technical. After thousands of hours of research and development, we've moved forward!

    As the headlines "tease" we are changing the way you will do business from today forward. With our GEN M product roadmap, a steady stream of enhancements are in process for the rest 2012 and 2013. These will be provided at no additional cost. MRIS RESource Blog will keep you posted in real time.

    We've not raised monthly subscription fees in over 10 years and have no current plans to change that. MRIS is benchmarked and nationally recognized as one of the best values in MLS systems and we plan to keep it that way. Stay tuned for more.

    Thank you all for your business and for your candid comments above. We strive to deliver "real estate in real time" to help you manage the digital/social/empowered customers of today and we will rely on your feedback to guide us in this mission. John Heithaus

  15. Brien says:

    I think you guys are great and I am looking forward to the new enhancements

  16. Amy Fisher says:

    Might have been exciting if the sound on MRIS TV was working!! Instead I got all of three partial words. An inauspicious start given the month long buildup to the promised "life changing event".

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