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7 1/2 Simple Blogging Mistakes for REALTORS® to Avoid

August 29, 2011  |  by Marie

1. No contact information. People have different preferred methods of communication, make sure you are pleasing each of them. Link to your website, Facebook and Twitter, but also have your email, phone number and address. Make it easy to find, most blogs allow you to create pages that will appear in the site navigation, create a “Contact Us” page. If people have to hunt, you’ve lost them as a lead.

2. No RSS Feed/Email Subscription. Make it simple for your audience to re-visit your blog, regularly. Feedburner is a free service through Google that allows you to set up an RSS feed and email subscription. This will also allow you to measure the success of these feeds.

3. Super long winded posts. It is a crowded web out there, and readers are time starved. Hook them with interesting titles and opening content, and then let them go. If you can’t scan your post quickly, your audience will be bored.

4. No share buttons. Let your audience do your marketing for you. Add share buttons to each of your posts (if your blogging in WordPress there are TONS of plugins for this).

5. Nothing but listings. Listing spam is not good content. Web users are savvy when it comes to searching for listings on the web. Add value and develop content that will surprise, entertain, inform and improve your visitors’ lives.

6. No/Bad SEO. Learn what search language people speak (visit Google Adwords, sign up for a free account and use their insights tools to start). Properly tag your posts with relevant key words to help the robots find you and send you straight the top. (If you are blogging with WordPress there are lots of SEO plug ins, try All in One SEO pack for starters and you can start tagging away!)

7. Lonely Commenters or Spammers. Moderate your comments, delete spam, those types of comments are easy to detect and junk up a blog. They attack older posts, so it is not a bad idea to turn off commenting on posts six months and older. Don’t leave your commenters hanging, respond to people, have conversations.

1/2. Vanilla & No Analytics: (I put two in my 1/2, is that cheating?). Spice up your blog and make it interesting to look at. Use visuals, images, graphs, video (don’t steal copyrighted material and give proper attributions). Add Google analytics to your blog, monitor the traffic. Especially pay attention to traffic sources and the pages people visit. Make content decisions based on top performers.

Have any other tips to share? Have you made mistakes, but have since seen the error of your ways? Sharing is caring, leave a comment and tell us your take.

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