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Calculate Your Client’s Closing Costs – Fast with MRIS Close It!

July 24, 2014  |  by Tera


Some of the most frequently asked questions agents get from their clients are “How much cash do I need to close” or “How much can I expect to net from the sale of my home?”  Answers to these questions are now at your fingertips with MRIS Close It!

MRIS Close It! – a new core product included for FREE with your MRIS subscription – assembles the pieces of the home buying puzzle to produce an accurate and editable HUD-1 Settlement Statement.

Available on desktop, laptop, mobile devices and now an iPhone/iPad mobile app, MRIS Close It! gives you the ability to provide quick and concise closing cost disclosure estimates to home buyers and sellers. Simply enter the purchase price and down payment and let MRIS Close It! handle the rest!

Here are some of the ways MRIS Close It! makes calculating closing costs fast and easy:

  • Intuitive Navigation – The simple and intuitive menu allows agents to view and fine tune Buy It! and Sell It! reports.
  • Pre-Filled Closing Costs – MRIS Close It! pre-fills reports with closing costs and fees presenting a near-complete report with minimal data entry and editing required by the agents. Agents can quickly create and deliver highly accurate reports in less than 5 minutes to meet clients’ real estate needs in a timely manner.
  • Multiple Reporting Scenarios – Create, save and deliver multiple report scenarios on the fly to help your clients make a more informed buying/selling decision with all of the options at their fingertips.
  • Easy to Edit – MRIS Close It! allows agents to directly edit Buy It! and Sell It! reports for clients quickly and with ease.

For more information about the product, visit, or visit to watch the recent MRIS Close It! webinar on demand.

Click to Learn More!App Store

No iPhone/iPad? No problem! The web version of MRIS Close It! is very mobile-friendly! See for yourself – log on to MRIS Close It! using your mobile device at

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7 responses to “Calculate Your Client’s Closing Costs – Fast with MRIS Close It!”

  1. sherlynn007 says:

    Is this an "Apple" product only? Can I use/download onto my Android, Samsung Galaxy tablet? Can't find it on my android phone play store.

  2. D*M says:

    What's the difference between this app and the Federal Title Close It! App found in the IPhone App Store? They look identical, except for the claimed/named developer.

  3. Jamie Mason says:

    I am excited to have this product available on my phone for quick estimates. However, a good bit of my business is in Baltimore City, and the estimated property taxes on the app are WILDLY understated for city properties. I realize this is an editable field once I am viewing the estimated closing statement, but can the automatic calculation be updated to more closely approximate Baltimore City and the state of Maryland's actual property tax rate? (I believe the combined rate is at 2.46% right now, whereas the app is calculating at 0.62%. You can see why I am concerned about the disparity!)

  4. Shawn says:

    Is this app available for integration into individual agent websites?

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