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DIY Marketing for Listings with MRIS Marketing Center

January 29, 2014  |  by Jess

MRIS Marketing CenterHave you tried making marketing materials for your listings with MRIS Marketing Center? If you are already using this product, let us know what you think in the comments section.

If you aren’t familiar yet, MRIS Marketing Center was launched in early December and is included in your MRIS subscription. You can use MRIS Marketing Center to create stunning flyers, brochures, postcards and more for yourself using listing information and photos imported from Keystone – and they work for both print and online distribution.

To access MRIS Marketing Center from Keystone, simply click the Marketing icon next to your listing on the Keystone Homepage or within your Keystone listing under Listing: Promotions. Even if you don’t have any current listings, you can still try out the MRIS Marketing Center by clicking the Marketing link inside the Quick Links box after you’ve logged into

As part of your core MRIS subscription benefits, you have access to 20 designs and four drip email campaigns. These designs include: 5 Brochures, 7 Flyers, 7 Postcards, and one Virtual Tour (HTML). The drip email campaigns include: Time Change, Rent vs. Own, Buyer Prospect, and Emergency Preparedness. You can easily share marketing projects on social media, a website or blog, have them professionally printed, or email or download them to your computer.

We’ve also created some resources to assist you with MRIS Marketing Center – click here to download our Quick Start Guide to help you get started. FAQs and the training schedule are available on, and you can also watch the short overview video below.

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