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Introducing the MRIS Marketing Center

December 5, 2013  |  by Jess

Marketing yourself and your listings has never been easier! With the MRIS Marketing Center, a new product included in your MRIS subscription, you can create stunning marketing materials quickly using your own high quality photos or listing photos imported directly from Keystone!

With the MRIS Marketing Center, powered by Imprev, you can easily share your marketing projects on social media, a web site or blog, have them professionally printed, or email or download them to your computer.

You have access to 20 designs and four drip email campaigns as part of your core MRIS subscription benefits.

Designs include: 5 Brochures, 7 Flyers, 7 Postcards, and one Virtual Tour (HTML). The drip email campaigns include: Time Change, Rent vs. Own, Buyer Prospect, and Emergency Preparedness.

Ready to try it out? Great!

Access the MRIS Marketing Center through Keystone by using the Marketing activity button next to your listing on your Keystone Homepage or within your Keystone listing under Listing: Promotions. If you don’t have any current listings, you can still use the MRIS Marketing Center. Access it by using the Marketing Quick Link once you’re logged into Upload your own photos and use the available designs to market yourself to potential clients!

Here are a few additional tips as you get started.

Use high quality photos. Since you may want to have projects professionally printed, it is important to make sure you’re using high quality photos. We recommend using images with at least 75dpi (dots per inch) for multimedia designs and at least 150dpi for print designs. Images from most digital cameras can be uploaded without first reducing them in photo editing software.

Also, remember that as of April 2013, Keystone supports high definition (HD) photos. For information about uploading HD Photos into Keystone, click here.

Note: MRIS Marketing Center will warn you if you have a photo that needs to be cropped or a photo that is low resolution and may result in poor image quality on your finished project. If you’ve uploaded a small version of an image, but have a larger version of the image available, try uploading a larger version of the image instead.

Make sure you’re running with a modern browser. MRIS Marketing Center works best with the most recent versions of Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer 9 or higher. Find out which browser you’re using by visiting

Note: While MRIS Marketing Center projects cannot be created or edited using smartphones or tablets, your finished projects can be viewed on smartphones and tablets.

Have two minutes? Watch the short overview video below:

For more information on MRIS Marketing Center, visit

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