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Mobile Monday: How to Better Pinpoint Your Location with Homesnap Pro

July 7, 2014  |  by Jess

Happy Monday! We hope each of you had a nice holiday weekend and that you’re continuing to have a wonderful week!

Pinpointing Your LocationAre you a Homesnap Pro user who is having a little trouble with Homesnap Pro finding your location when you’re out in the field? Last week, our friends at Homesnap posted a blog on pinpointing your location using the Homesnap Pro app. Their post is full of helpful tips.

Here are a couple:

Make sure your phone’s “Location Services” are turned on. This button can be found in your phone’s general settings (for iPhone, for example, Location Services is located under Privacy Settings.)

Check the strength of your wifi or cellular data connection. If you are snapping in a rural area where service can be spotty, the app may have a harder time determining your location at the time of snap.

Additional tips to help better pinpoint your location using Homesnap Pro are available on the Homesnap blog. Click here to read more.

If you aren’t using Homesnap Pro yet, you can get started today by visiting Type in your mobile phone number and the appropriate link for your mobile device will be sent to you via text message. If you do not have an iOS or an Android device, you will be sent a link to the mobile version of the Homesnap website. You can activate your subscription and use the Homesnap Pro features using the mobile version of the site.

For a quick tutorial on how to register, click here. Remember, Homesnap Pro is included as part of your core MRIS subscription. There is no additional charge for MRIS customers to use Homesnap Pro.

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