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Mobile Monday Tip: Search by GPS or Address!

November 26, 2012  |  by Kerry

It’s easy to do a GPS search using the MRIS Homes app – they are the first 3 options on the menu are Nearby Sales, Nearby Rentals, Nearby Open Houses. But what if you want to search for homes in another city using the MRIS Homes App?

You can do that by selecting the Advanced Search option on the menu. You can search by address, city/state, zip code, or MLS #.

If you want to search by address for off-market properties, select All Status Search, log in with your MRIS ID and password, and then select Address or MLS #. Here you can search all statuses by address, city/state, zip code, or MLS #.

Hope you had a great holiday!

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2 responses to “Mobile Monday Tip: Search by GPS or Address!”

  1. Quick Question – Didn't know where to submit.: I was exploring the mobile app and looked up one of my closed transactions. The DOM clock seemed to be off. Your system showed 40 days (DOMP under Professional Info) and 76 days (DOM current listing). The property was only the market for 14 days. FX7930626 in sthe listing.

    On a different note, will you ever add the Seller's Number to the professional info. Finding a number on the fly thru a smart phones internet access can be quite labor intensive. Sometimes in the field, MRIS via mobile internet can be slow – althogh today, it's unusually fast! Maybe there have been recent improvements or perhaps I have a really good connection right now. Just currious..

  2. Hi Dawn,
    Thanks for taking the time to ask questions, these are great!

    We have discovered an issue with the DOM MLS and DOM Property not calculating correctly on some listings, and are researching this now. I will add this example to our list to research.

    The owner contact info is not displayed for sold or off market listings, but it will be displayed for active listings, if the listing agent entered the owner's contact information. I looked at a couple of active listings and saw that they didn't have the owner's contact info in our system, because someone else was designated as the showing contact.

    This is great feedback, and I'd be happy to discuss the app further with you, feel free to email me to let me know when you have time to talk. Thanks!

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