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Monday Mobile Tip: View Full Listing Information from the MRIS Homes App

December 31, 2012  |  by Kerry

Happy Holidays! MRIS customers can now log in to the MRIS Homes app and view the full listing information!

You don’t need to download an update to the app, just open MRIS Homes on your mobile device and run a search.

To see the listing information that’s not available to the public, touch the Professional Information heading and log in with your MRIS ID and password.

Now, no matter where you are, you can answer questions about listings using the MRIS Homes mobile app! Everything from Transaction Type, Showing Instructions, Agent Remarks, Days on Market and Listing Price History is available on the go!

Don’t miss your opportunity to sign up for the MRIS Homes Agent Branded app and ring, ring, ring in the New Year with more leads! Sign up by 1/13/13 with promo code MRISDEC, and we’ll waive the $50 setup fee. Visit for more information and to purchase.

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3 responses to “Monday Mobile Tip: View Full Listing Information from the MRIS Homes App”

  1. Dave Ingram says:

    The Professional Information does not include the show instruction nor can you call the agent from the listing. You need to write the number down then dial. The good old style you could look up the show instruction and highlight the # and call.

  2. Hi Dave,
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts! When you log in and touch the Professional Information heading, it automatically opens to display the Realtor Quick View. If you touch the Realtor Quick View heading, you'll see that there is another section called the Realtor Detail View. If you touch Realtor Detail View, it will expand that section.

    Under Realtor Detail View, you'll find:
    * Agent Remarks
    * Compensation information
    * Showing Instructions and Directions

    You can call the listing agent from the mobile app – it just differs slightly based on the type of mobile device you are using.

    For the iPhone, if you touch the Contact button on the bottom of the screen, it you can call or email the listing agent.

    For Android devices, touch the Settings button on the device, and more buttons will display on the screen. If you touch the Contact button you can call or email the listing agent.

    Your remark about being able to touch phone numbers is an excellent point – this is included in the next development release to improve ease of use.

    Please feel free to ask additional questions, and share suggestions. I appreciate the feedback!

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