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SmartCharts is live! Come on in.

June 25, 2014  |  by Tera


The day has come. The covers are off. The shiny new SmartCharts brand and website are now live.

Come and take a look.

In addition to our new look, we’ve added new features to SmartCharts Pro to help our customers know their market inside out.

  • Three times the market statistics: We’ve added even more information to help buyers and sellers understand how long it may take to buy or sell, current price trends and success rates.
  • More ways to compare: We’ve revamped the Explore feature to offer more metrics to compare locations and trends over time.
  • Historical data: Now you can track locations and stats back 10 years to get more context of before, during and after the housing bubble in a particular area.

Show your clients exactly how the market’s doing, right down to specific statistics and locations. 

That’s the power of SmartCharts.  Timely market data taken directly from the MLS and delivered in easy-to-understand charts and reports that help you do your job.

Want to know more?

Visit for a 14-day FREE trial.

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3 responses to “SmartCharts is live! Come on in.”

  1. Jeff Major says:

    What us different about SmartCharts compared to RBI, which I already subscribe to?

  2. Sue says:

    Have you really considered the costs involved with being a Real Estate Professional now when you priced Smart Charts?
    We already spend a significant amount of money to participate in our board, the cost for all of our marketing materials, the cost of MRIS and now another $200 to use the data we help generate by correctly entering all of the information that makes Smart Charts effective? Not including our Sentrilock costs, sign maintenance, CE classes, business expenses, gasoline, etc, etc, etc
    Sure…it is ONLY another $30/month or another $200 annual bill….sure it will "pay for itself" if it helps us gain one client. That is the logic we use when we incur all of these costs. At some point, we also need to pay us.
    Shouldn't this really be part of our MRIS subscription?

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