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Trainer Talk: Document Management = Time Management

April 2, 2013  |  by Justin

Tired of handling phone calls from buyer agents requesting copies of documents associated with your listing? Frustrated by having to take time out of your day to fax or email these documents over and over again?

With MRIS Document Management, you don’t have to deal with that! Provided as a free service for MRIS customers, MRIS Document Management helps both listing and buyer agents. Here’s how:

For the Listing Agent

Document Management enables listing agents to upload to our database all the documents associated with their listings (i.e. disclosures, lead-based paint forms, floor plans, plats, rental applications, etc.) right from the listing in Keystone. By doing so, these same documents may be accessed any time they are needed by buyer agents, reducing the number of phone calls, faxes, emails, and time delays in your sale. Document Management also tells the listing agent who has been viewing and downloading these documents, so you know who to contact if needed!

Once a listing has been submitted, access the Document Management program using the Documents icon on your listing on the Keystone Homepage.

Documents may be quickly and easily uploaded via:

  1. Browsing your computer (for documents already scanned into an electronic file)
  2. Toll-free fax (for hardcopy documents not already on your computer)
  3. Email (from any remote location when you aren’t logged into your MRIS account, such as your phone)

Documents can be set as “Private” (viewable by only members of your office) or “Public” (viewable by all MRIS customers who can access Matrix).

For the Buyer Agent

Buyer agents can quickly and easily access these uploaded documents in Matrix using the “View Documents” link on the right side of any full listing. Those documents can then be emailed, faxed, and printed as needed all right from the Document Management program.

Remember, the advantages of this program are maximized only if everyone out there is using it. So if you haven’t started taking advantage of the Document Management service by uploading all those documents currently taking up space in your house, office, and car, you are really missing out!

For more information on Document Management, click here to sign up for the April 16th Tool Tip Tuesday on Document Management.

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4 responses to “Trainer Talk: Document Management = Time Management”

  1. Valerie Blake says:

    I use this all the time. Because the point is to have the information available to buyer agents from all firms, I request that MRIS set the default to Public instead of Private. It would be a real time-saver and I would not have to upload something a second time because I don't remember if I changed the setting to Pubic. Thanks.

  2. It would be helpful if a # or some indication could be
    Given to indicate there are documents without clicking
    And finding none.
    I agree why not just have public category? Would u
    Really only be leading docs for only your office? I think not.
    I do hope Agents will be reminded to upload FLOORPLANS, plats, brochures and other information such as well and septic as-built.

  3. Don Truett says:

    I do use it and much appreciate the system. It's very beneficial and would be nice if public had access also.

  4. Bob Cook says:

    The view documents link needs to either change color when some documents have been uploaded, or have parentheses after the link showing the number of documents contained at the link. I do use this feature that MRIS has provided, but the link absolutely needs to have some indication of whether documents have been uploaded. Regardless, there will still be subscribers who never check it…

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