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Feedback Friday for March 8

March 8, 2013  |  by Jess

This Feedback Friday is inspired by comments and suggestions we’ve received from customers. Please take a few minutes to answer our short survey about preferred communication channels, required vs optional fields, and contest incentives!

Special acknowledgment goes to MRISblog commenters Janet and Valerie as well as Facebook page commenter Debbie for their suggestions.

Thanks and have a wonderful weekend!

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8 responses to “Feedback Friday for March 8”

  1. Larry Chapman says:

    There has been a change to the printing function that is not as user friendly as previous. It is now necessary to change back and forth from landscape to portrait when alternately printing reports like status and printing listings and in some cases is only intermittently functional such as printing gallery arrays where the field comes up blank. What happened and will it be fixed??

  2. Tim says:

    Hi Larry. Nothing has changed in the Matrix product. The change was probably the version of Adobe you are using.

  3. Carmen Murphy says:

    I would like "text agent" to be a showing instruction. All you have is email agent.

  4. GEORGE says:


  5. mary says:

    It is too easy to accidentaly close out the complete program how can this be avoided????

  6. Kathy Hyndman says:

    In Keystone, it is very awkward to make changes to remarks and add open houses. You have to open the listing twice. I am surprised this hasn't been corrected because it must be costing everyone extra time to fumble around with it.

  7. Martha Cackowski says:

    Please change showing contact numbers from home and office to home and cell.

  8. AAdamiyatt says:

    Entering an open house we have a 24 hours open span. Who has an open house at 2 am? The field should be restricted from 9 am to 6 pm.

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