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Tales of Real Estate Luck From Our Subscribers

March 17, 2017  |  by Ellen

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! We have gathered some of the stories that were submitted when we put the call out for tales of luck from the real estate world. If you have your own lucky story to add to the collection, please write it in the comments.

Lucky Charms

  • “The luckiest thing that has happened to me was a word-of-mouth chain that went on for almost two years. I helped one set of sellers sell their home and they recommended me to someone else on their block. Then both of them recommended me to the next family that was trying to sell on the same street. I was lucky in that this clump of houses had a lot of families that had lived there a long time and all were ready to sell around the same time frame. I got five separate listings in about eighteen months on two neighboring streets that all came from the same original clients.”
  • “I had shown a one story huge ranch style home to several clients. I was in love with this home that had sliders off all the major rooms to an enormous backyard (an acre, with a 5 acre open field beyond the wall). It had a beautiful pool, barbecue built in with a lovely patio and cabana. I couldn’t help but wish, ‘wow I would be living in a dream if I lived here.’ Another buyer bought it. I became pregnant with my second child and I was looking online and low and behold that house popped up. So I said what the heck and put in a low ball offer, assuming the first mortgage and asking the sellers to take payments directly until I could sell my home. It was a crazy offer. Lo and behold, the owners were builders who wanted to downsize and this was their first home. They went for it and it became my dream home come true. I remember this when I shop for people, it’s about making peoples’ dreams happen.”
  • “I had some buyers who had been looking at many properties. After one Saturday of looking at many different homes, we arrived at one of the last ones on the list and when I opened the door to the backyard their son, who had been cooped up in the backseat of the car for far too long that day, went running outside squealing with delight. I think seeing their son enjoy the yard was what finally opened the buyers’ eyes to saying yes to the house. The son was my good luck charm that day.”
  • “I had a listing that had been sitting empty for a while without very many showings. But one day I had a couple interested in coming by to see it so I went over to the house early so I could make sure the lights worked in all the rooms and to wipe the dust of the countertops. As soon as I walked in I could smell gas and sure enough there was some kind of gas leak that had been going on for who knows how long. I called the right people to come and take care of it and aired out the house before the couple came by to see it.”
  • “Never considered those circumstances as being ‘lucky’ before. However, I have missed the bus to get to my mechanic’s shop for my van and continued walking. As a pedestrian I was able to take some short-cuts through the developments. While I was walking and admiring the houses a resident asked me about myself. Naturally, I told him I was a Realtor and I was enjoying the walk through the area of fine homes. It might be considered ‘lucky’ but he was a long-term visitor to the area [looking to buy a home] so I was able to find a property to list and sell to him in 3 weeks.”

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