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KEYSTONE 100: Your NEW Keystone Homepage Demonstrations Start March 1st!

February 9, 2012  |  by Dessie

Don’t miss your opportunity to see the new Keystone Homepage before it launches.  Get a sneak peek at an upcoming on screen presentation in your area. Keystone Homepage demonstrations have been scheduled and are available for registration on MRIS-U.

With the new Keystone Homepage you will be able to make price adjustments on the fly, pre-schedule changes to your listings, customize the information you want to see for each listing and much more. 

Register today for a KEYSTONE 100: The New Keystone Homepage* demo, for your chance to see the new system before it launches. Hurry, space is limited so make sure you sign up today.  For more information about the changes to Keystone, check out this blog from our Keystone Product Manager, Tim Campbell.

*This course is a DEMONSTRATION ONLY!  The new homepage will be displayed on a screen and students will see all the changes, but there will be no hands-on classes prior to the product launch.

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11 responses to “KEYSTONE 100: Your NEW Keystone Homepage Demonstrations Start March 1st!”

  1. CAROL VEIRS says:


  2. Carole Drew Gill says:

    I agree that I'd love to see the class on my computer. Maybe as a webinar? as a YouTube lesson?

  3. Mary Hoffman says:

    I vote for online computer classes, are there any plans for us to take classes online?

  4. dessies says:

    Thank you all for your interest in virtual trainings. Upon launch of the changes we will have numerous video tutorials for the all the changes coming to the Keystone Homepage. We will also be offering virtual trainings in March, check MRIS-U later this week for times. If you are interested in other online trainings, please visit our Virtual Training page on MRIS-U:….

  5. charlie Porter says:

    I would like to attend one of the training clasess

  6. mary myers-nelson says:

    I vote for online classes as well. Is this a possibility? If so, when will they be available?

  7. dessies says:

    The KEYSTONE 100 Virtual training is ready for registration. The class is scheduled for Friday, March 2, 10:00 am – 11:30 am. To register, please visit the following link:

  8. Scarlett West says:

    Will you have more then one traing say end of March.

  9. dessies says:

    At this time we only have one Virtual training scheduled. We have numerous presentations at the board offices scheduled throughout March. We will be offering numerous videos upon the launch of Keystone as well. We might schedule another virtual later in March, depending on the demand and registrations of the current classes scheduled.

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