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Use The New MRIS Slideshow To Tell a Story

April 2, 2012  |  by Diane Ives

Utilize Media Connect captions and descriptions to market your MRIS Slideshow!

Don’t just default to auto-fill Media Connect options, make sure you take advantage of this giant marketing opportunity! With the new MRIS Slideshow, you have a chance to tell a story about your listing.

Guide potential buyers through the home as they look through the photos by creating captions and descriptions that are meaningful and expressive. Build excitement as the viewer moves through each photo.  If you have a captive photograph, make sure your captions can hold a viewer’s interest!

Here is an example:

Photo #1

Category = Exterior (Front)(Main)

Caption = Welcome to 123 Main Street!

Description = This neighborhood is near Metro, shops, and dining.


Photo #2

Category = Exterior (Front)

Caption = Enjoy lots of light in this 3 bedroom townhome.

Description = Many upgrades throughout include windows, carpet and Energy Star appliances.

Photo #3

Category = Interior

Caption = A perfect welcome home.

Description = Hard wood flooring in the entryway creates a welcoming entrance for you and your visitors.


Here is how to add captions and descriptions to your photos.

Log into Keystone to edit the photos using Media Connect. Remove the category that auto-filled into the caption area and replace it with your own personalized caption. To the right, notice a box where you can type in a description of the photo. Click Save Changes, Click Done, Submit your changes to MLS.

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4 responses to “Use The New MRIS Slideshow To Tell a Story”

  1. Tim Campbell says:

    Great article and tips! Take advantage of the opportunity to put your marketing skills to good use!

  2. Kate Elim says:

    Now I'm going back into my listings to take advantage of this feature. Thanks.

  3. Eleanor Robinson says:

    Such a creative staff at MRIS – thanks.

  4. This would be far more useful if MRIS would stop mangling the photos we upload … stop resizing!!!! Just tell us what size you want and leave them alone. Clients are complaining that their photos look "fuzzy" in the MRIS slideshow and they're right!!

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