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Winners Announced! See Who Showed Us Their FLASH and Won Some CASH!

May 20, 2011  |  by Anne

Thank you to the over 300 “Show us your FLASH and Win Some CASH” contest participants! From tweeting @MRIS_REal_News and posting on the MRIS FB wall, we were so excited to see everyone prepared for the launch of Media Connect by “showing” us your version of Adobe Flash! And you know what is really neat? Not ONE contest entry stated they had an outdated version of Adobe Flash, which means everyone did a fantastic job preparing for the big launch day!

So… without further adeui….

Special congratulations to Barbara Spain and Kelly Royston for winning our “Show us your FLASH and Win Some CASH” contest and winning a $200 Visa gift card each! Barbara Spain of Fort Washington, Maryland, has been in the biz for 33 years! Barbara agrees that the current days of MRIS technology sure beat lugging trunks of multiple listing cards, all numerically ordered. And Kelly Royston, from Broadway, VA, can never say that she “never wins anything!” again!

Stay tuned for more fun contests from MRIS in the near future!

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