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REsource: A Rapid-Fire Social Media Solution

July 15, 2014  |  by RISMedia

Social MediaMarketing your real estate business is now a challenge of epic proportions. Between print, online and now social media, the need to keep your presence active and name out there can be quite a feat. In order to properly engage an audience and remain relevant in the eyes of consumers, agents need to become experts of their domain, providing content and becoming the number-one trusted source for buyer and seller clients at large. But who has the time to continue creating and churning out pertinent information on a daily basis? With REsource, everyone.

REsource can transform any agent into a leading source for fresh and relevant real estate information. The platform includes thousands of timely real estate articles and hundreds of videos covering breaking industry news, consumer how-to’s, tips, trends, and more. Easily download, post to your blog or integrate with existing web apps, saving you time and engaging more consumers than ever before.

REsource is an absolute game-changer for social media, and can be a dominant solution to how you should operate your social media pages and profiles. All content is entirely customizable, adapting to meet the needs of your personal brand, while remaining reliable and appealing to consumers and other readers. For real estate professionals who feel they don’t have the time to properly manage their web presence or blog, REsource is the answer to faster conversation starters and rapid-fire web postings.

Don’t let a lack of time or writer’s block prevent you from making your presence known on Facebook, Twitter, your blog, or more. With REsource’s licensed content available to you a la carte, you can service your past and present clients with whatever they desire. The real question is, what will you do with all of that freed up time?

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