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Seize the Web: Content Marketing for Better Blogging

June 7, 2011  |  by Marie

Full blog article written by Marie Still, MRIS Marketing Director, on

Smart marketers know that it’s no longer enough to talk about you (or your product), how fantastic your service is, throw a couple of testimonials on your site and call it a day. Today’s web is a very noisy place, so competing for eyeballs is no small feat.

In order to create action, you must first earn the interest and trust of your target.
So how do you do this? Bring on the blogs. The rise and popularity of blog consumption gives you as a marketer a great opportunity to create the type of content mentioned above and convert blog readers into customers. But, don’t think of your blog as a sales tool. Not only will this type of content not attract new readers, it will turn off the readers you have. So as tempting as it is, listings don’t make for effective blog posts.

So you understand what you need to do, now here is the challenge, doing it! Where to start? What to write about? This is the challenge that content marketers face every day, but don’t be scared, you can do it! Think about your interests, your passions, think outside real estate.

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