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Guest Blog by Gail Harris: Speed Bar Search Saves Time AND Money!

October 28, 2011  |  by Anne

Guest post by Gail Harris with A & O Realty Services SFR, AHWD®  in Chesapeake Beach, MD.  Gail’s original Active Rain post here.

MRIS Speed Bar Feature Saves us Time. After all, Time is MONEY!!

The Speed Bar is one of the best new features next to being able to upload all 30 pictures without having to go in and out of the MRIS Program!! MRIS is assisting us by introducing new features that do just that.

Not all multiple list services (MLS), such as MRIS, are as proactive in finding ways to save their clients, you and me, so much time by providing us such great new features.     After all, “Time is Money”!

If you haven’t yet used or tried the new Speed Bar search feature, it’s well worth it.  If you believe “time is money”, this is the feature for you!

There’s also another relatively new feature, MRIS TV which has a wonderful short tutorial teaching the “use of the Speed Bar. I couldn’t really do it any justice. It’s a short tutorial video and explains all you need to know to jump in and start using this new feature.

What I’m here to say is this new “Speed Bar” feature is one of the best new features that saves me a lot of time.

Learning the Speed Bar codes couldn’t be easier. You will notice that once you’ve executed a search, under your name listed in the upper right hand corner is an arrow button. If you click on it so the arrow is facing down, the Speed Bar appears in the middle of the screen at the very top of the page. Codes appear that relate to your specific search. It’s easy to start learning the codes by looking in the Speed Bar box each time you execute a search. You can also save your Speed Bar search and revise it as you use it, not having to go back to a previous page to revise your search.

Confusing? Don’t let it be. Simply go to the MLS/MRIS-TV Tutorial Page and click on “Speed Bar“. There you will find a short, sweet, to the point video much better at teaching you how to use this feature than I am!!

If you’ll view the MRIS-TV Speed Bar tutorial video and start looking at the Speed Bar each time you execute a search, it will become second nature, so to speak. I think once you play with the “Speed Bar” feature, you too will wonder how you did without it.

This saves me so much time. And, as “they” say, “Time is Money”

 MRIS TV Tutorial on Speed Bar:

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2 responses to “Guest Blog by Gail Harris: Speed Bar Search Saves Time AND Money!”

  1. Great post by Gail Harris explaining the Speed Bar. Going to go watch it right now.
    Thanks for sharing.

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