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Matrix Monday Tip: How to Search for Vacant Properties

June 20, 2011  |  by Anne

If your client has a preference to see only empty, vacant houses, there is an easy search field to help narrow your results!  Press “Add/Remove additional fields” from your Matrix search screen, and select the “Showing Instructions” option.  From there, scroll down and select “Vacant.”  You can always select “Vacant” and the “Not” radio button to exclude any vacant properties.

Happy searching!

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4 responses to “Matrix Monday Tip: How to Search for Vacant Properties”

  1. Jenny says:

    What I want to know if how to search for FSBOs.

  2. mariestill says:

    We feel that with a home being such an important investment, and all the variables associated with a transaction, to be most successful you need to use a real estate professional. Our system is built to keep the real estate professional where they belong, which is the center of the conversation.

  3. Lanette says:

    I agree. There are lots of common sense things that could be added to Matrix and Keystone without really asking the agents in this forum. I know that my agents and I have called an brought some of these things up over the years and they still have not been added. It's a database….it shouldn't be that difficult to add new fields that would allow for easier search capabilities for the agent and the clients.

  4. It would be nice being able to search for vacant properties or by certain schools districts, but until agents learn to populate the available fields, it does us no good. Have you ever tried searching for land west of Winchester only to find the agent failed to locate the map location pins…it's impossible to get accurate results of land in specific areas….again, making that search function a non-function.
    Roger Lamborne, Winchester, Va

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