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Save Time With New Matrix Enhancements! New Search History, Google Street View and More!

December 15, 2011  |  by Anne

We told you we weren’t done yet for 2011! Here is the list of the newest additions to Matrix that were designed to improve your day-to-day Matrix use.  Visit Matrix to check out the latest features listed here:

  • New Search History: Wait! Don’t redo that search you just did 5 minutes ago, find it in your new Recent Search drop down list. Operating similar to your web browser history, Matrix Recent Searches will hold up to 50 of your last searches to help you save time!
  • Improved Mapping: Microsoft Bing maps will now automatically adjust your map type depending on zoom level. Without any added clicks, your map will automatically switch from road to aerial to bird’s eye. The Google Street View Map is a brand new Matrix addition that will help you understand a listing’s street level location.
  • Widget: You have your favorite Matrix homepage widgets, now add a new one to the mix! The widget gives you access to all the great MRIS news, product updates and information you are used to in a convenient widget form.  Now its easier than ever to stay up-to-date with the latest MRIS happenings.
  • Updated Gallery Reports: Listing Agent Cell Phone is now a new field in your Gallery reports.  The Office Number for Showing Contact was also added.  Get in contact with who you need to faster – no more digging to find a phone number!

Check out Matrix (remember the shortcut!) now to see all the new features! If you have any questions on these latest enhancements, give the MRIS Support Center a call at 888-838-8200 or email

To view the MRIS Blog widget, simply drag it from your Widget list into it’s own window.












Recent searches are located in the right corner of any Matrix tab as seen below.  Happy recent searching in just one-click!



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5 responses to “Save Time With New Matrix Enhancements! New Search History, Google Street View and More!”

  1. Bob B. says:

    The new map function is somewhat of an improvement but it is very jumpy and and not smooth as I zoom in and out.

  2. MRIS_Anne says:

    Hi Bob, the new mapping feature should be very smooth when zooming in and out. What internet browser are your currently working off of?

  3. Charles says:

    The save search feature is a good addition, but it would have been a great help if there were some features on the watch listing page

  4. Michele Gibson says:

    Glad to see upgrades to our system. There are so many enhancements now being used out there by other agents in other areas. Out is nice to have that technological edge.

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