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What features are most important to you in an MRIS Mobile App?

September 21, 2011  |  by Debbie

We know that you are always on the go and having an MRIS app on your smartphone, iPad or other device would make your life easier. We’re busy at work creating a new MRIS mobile app but we want to make sure it meets your needs. If you could design an MRIS mobile app to assist you in your work, what features would it have? Let us know what your MRIS app wish list entails by taking the short survey below. We appreciate your feedback!

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15 responses to “What features are most important to you in an MRIS Mobile App?”

  1. If MRIS can make a useful app for the smart phone (mine is a Droid), it would be a powerful tool for an agent on the road.

  2. Stephan Roth says:

    An app that will keep track of house to shown and that were shown to clients with their comments would be fabulous. NO MORE print outs!

  3. @Stephan, you can upload your agent synopsis reports to your tablet (pdf) or phone) so that you no longer have to carry listing pages with you when you go out to show property.

    @Mary, mobile matrix is very useful for on the road use….but it needs a LOT more features that I've given them feedback on.

  4. MRIS_Kerry says:

    Jay, I would love to hear the feedback you have provided for Matrix Mobile – it could be very useful for the mobile app as well. Please feel free to contact me, my email is Thanks!

  5. Michael Theodosiou says:

    I was surprised to find that MRIS did not already have one about a nonth ago when I tried to find one.
    I have an android phone, I would make it available for a wide range of phones so that it looks the same and works exactly the same on all types to make it easier to swith phones and for support. I would have a web based browser interface so that the user could pick and choose how they want it to appear on their phone. We all have different needs and would not need everything to load up and slow down the app. Start with a basic app interface as a default, but allow it to be tweaked, via a regular mac or pc browser internet connnection and then recompiled and downloaded to the mobile device.

  6. Charilyn says:

    @Michael, the basic app interface as a default with the ability to customize it in a web browser dashboard is what I'd want, too. My BB doesn't like memory-intensive apps, but I'd be able to take it up to the limit if the download process could be additive/customized. I didn't make this comment in the survey, which I completed before viewing your comment.
    @Stephan – ability to save notetaking or voice comments for a property would be good.

  7. Hazem says:

    I applaud MRIS' effort to survey the users for useful functionality. I'm very much looking forward to this app. Please release quickly and integrate future functionality at your own pace. This is a MUCH needed tool for Realtors on the go. Oh and one more thing. Make sure the app. is free!!

  8. MRIS_CMO says:

    Thanks to everybody for their comments — I have another question — if MRIS offered a mobile device (say in iPad2, or ultra portable laptop) with all of the tools and resources you'd need connected to the "Cloud" — at a discount price backed by "genius bar/geek squad) service, would that be of value? Thanks. John

  9. Cathy says:

    I take my IPAD out with clients and it would great to have an APP instead of having to go thru Safari.

  10. Lauryn says:

    I use my IPAD as well when I go out with clients. It would be great to have the map search! Also, I use it when meeting on listing appointments, it would be great to be able to show a CMA.

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