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How To Create Brochures (And More!) From Your Listing’s Keystone Page

September 6, 2016  |  by Ellen

A real estate agent’s mailing list can be one of their most valuable tools. Make the most of it by creating professional flyers, post cards, brochures, and more with MRIS Marketing Center (powered by Imprev).

9-6-2016 2-08-38 PMThe best part about it is that Marketing Center will automatically fill in the listing information when you access the product from within Keystone. Just go to your Keystone homepage and click on the Flyers icon on the right for the listing you want or click the Flyers icon under Promotions when you are adding or editing your listing.

This will take you into Marketing Center where you have free access to the following as part of your MRIS core subscription:

  • Brochures (5 designs)
  • Flyers (7 designs)
  • Postcards (10 designs)
  • Virtual Tours (1 design)
  • Drip email campaigns including: Time Change (date-based); Rent vs. Own (time-based); Buyer Prospect (time-based); Emergency Preparedness (time-based)

Once there you can select which type of marketing material you want to use and the program will automatically fill in the listing information from Keystone. Then the project wizard will take you through each step of creating the final product. It is mostly a point-and-click process, with only a little bit of typing required. If you have already uploaded your personalized business info with photo, company logo, etc., you can also let the wizard include that information so that your flyers are branded to you.

Check out the brief video overview above to see all the things you can do or read through this guide. Once you spend a few minutes inside the program it starts to become pretty intuitive to use so it doesn’t take long to create any of the options available.

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