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March 29, 2012  |  by Dessie

MRIS is proud to partner with RealtyTrac, the nation’s leading online marketplace of foreclosure properties, to help our real estate professionals work more effectively with distressed homeowners and properties in foreclosure.

For a limited time, MRIS is bringing Charlie Engel, RealtyTrac Director of Business Development, to the MRIS region for 6 exclusive live presentations.  There are limited seats available so act fast to reserve your spot, register now!

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2 responses to “ is Featuring RealtyTrac 101: The State of the Foreclosure Market”

  1. scarlett west says:

    With REO's do they fall under the 11 month redemption law also. Also the houses sold by way of Auctions that banks/lenders are selling in auction form example Home search and Hubuz.

  2. Mike says:

    Hi Scarlet. You would need to check with the bank / mortgage company as to the applicable redemption period for a given jurisdiction. To receive such 3rd party foreclosure information, you can opt to purchase the RealtyTrac Premium Product in the MRIS web site by selecting MRIS Products then Core Products. Open RealtyTrac in the left hand column and select the Upgrade tab.

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