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Day 2: Save Paper and Money with MRISFax

September 4, 2013  |  by Jess

Who’s faxing these days? Well, if you’ve got a large set of printed documents that needs to be sent quickly, maybe that person is you.

MRISFax, another of the MRIS Core Products, makes it easy to send documents to up to 10 recipients at a time. MRISFax converts a printed document into a PDF for easy email delivery, allowing you to go green (less paper usage) and save money (no need for equivalent fax-to-email subscriptions)!

How does it work? Watch this short video on how to use MRISFax:

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2 responses to “Day 2: Save Paper and Money with MRISFax”

  1. Amy says:

    Can you fax to a real fax machine (using a fax number)?

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