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MRISFax Me A Vacation! Enter to Win $300 Towards Your Dream Vacation!

August 10, 2011  |  by Anne

Summer is not over yet! Enter to win $300 towards your dream vacation by using MRISFax, your fax-to-email solution already included in your MRIS subscription fees!

How to enter:

Use MRISFax to tell us where you want to go and why – it’s that easy! 

Print out a description of your dream vacation, and send it to by using MRISFax. MRISFax will convert your hard copy description into an emailed PDF attachment.

Included at no additional charge, MRISFax makes converting hard copy documents into PDF attachments easy.  Stay organized (with PDF copies of important documents), go green (less paper) and save money (no need for equivalent fax-to-email subscriptions) with MRISFax!

Contest ends August 24th at midnight, so enter today!  Enter to win up to three times, click here for official contest rules.

To get started, watch the MRISFax overview video below.  For direct access to MRISFax, click here.

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4 responses to “MRISFax Me A Vacation! Enter to Win $300 Towards Your Dream Vacation!”

  1. carmen henry says:

    I took a class today at the Fx Board of Realtors and it was excellent.

  2. Tim says:

    Wow! The responses we’ve received so far have been compelling and creative. Actually fun to review!! The descriptions really sound relaxing and really sound needed (you should be in sales) 🙂 The contest doesn’t end until the 24th so if you haven’t yet, take a 5 minute mental vacation, then tell us where you went and maybe win some money!

  3. MRIS_Anne says:

    Couldn't agree more – these vacation ideas are so fun! keep them coming!

  4. Patricia farrell says:

    Send me to the carribean

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