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Be a Mobile Data Hero with MRIS Homes Mobile App

May 28, 2013  |  by Kerry

John and Karen spent last weekend driving around looking at properties. They thought they found the home of their dreams, but when they asked their agent about it, they found out it was already sold!

According to a study by NAR and Google, 1 out of 5 real estate searches are happening on mobile devices, and 68% of new home shoppers are using mobile apps throughout the home buying process.

Today’s buyers want accurate, up-to-date information, so they don’t waste time falling for properties that are already sold. According to the same study by NAR and Google, 51% of new home shoppers are using mobile apps to view property information. However, many 3rd party real estate apps have outdated information, which means that buyers end up heartbroken!

This is where you and MRIS Homes™ comes to the rescue! MRIS Homes™ is a FREE mobile app that lets buyers quickly search for properties by their current location, city/state, neighborhood, or price, while viewing the most up-to-date information from MRIS.

The best part is that when John and Karen call their agent about a property, their agent can log in to the MRIS Homes app and view the Professional information, such as showing instructions and days on market, and see the same public listing information that John and Karen are looking at!

Thanks to you, home buyers like John and Karen can search for homes without fear of getting their hearts broken. Since the listing information is updated every 10 minutes, John and Karen are sure to be seeing accurate information. No more falling for a house and then finding out it’s already sold!

Want to be a superhero with clients like John and Karen, and capture leads? Personalize your clients’ mobile search experience with your own branded version of the MRIS Homes app. With your branded version, all leads are directed to you. You can share your branded app with clients through text, email, or a downloader page. You’ll also have access to powerful statistics and usage tracking to see how often your app has been downloaded, how many searches have been performed, etc.

For a limited time, sign up for the MRIS Homes agent branded app using the promo code MRIS20 and we will waive the setup fee, and you’ll get 2 free months (a $69.98 value!). Sign up today!

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