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Monday Mobile Tip: Matrix Contacts Button

January 7, 2013  |  by Kerry

MRIS customers, we’ve made a small, but important enhancement to our MRIS Homes mobile app. We heard from many of you that the purpose of the Matrix Contacts button was confusing, so as of today, the Matrix Contacts button has been removed from the MRIS Homes mobile app.

Here are some answers to questions you may have:

    1. What was the purpose of the Matrix Contacts button?
      When building the app, we felt that our customers might need to easily access contacts stored in Matrix when away from their offices. However, since most of our customers are away from their offices quite a bit, we found many of them already had those contacts in their phones and did not need to use the Matrix Contacts button to access them.


    1. Can I still access those contacts another way?
      Absolutely! Just bookmark the URL to Matrix Mobile in your web browser on your phone and/or iPad, and you can pull up the Matrix Mobile site when you need it. The full Matrix Mobile URL is

  • I was using the Matrix Contacts button to view agent-only information for listings. How do I access that now?
    If you have logged in to MRIS Homes with your MRIS ID and password, then whenever you search for listings, you have access to agent-only data using the Professional Information section. To show this information, click the “+” symbol and expand the Professional Information section. This link is located right below the listing photos.


Within the Professional Information section, you can view both the Realtor Quick View (days on market, property sale history, etc) and the Realtor Detail View (agent remarks, showing instructions, etc). To access the Realtor Detail View, you will scroll to the bottom of the Realtor Quick View information and click the “+” symbol next to Realtor Detail View.

Have other questions about this enhancement? Email us!

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2 responses to “Monday Mobile Tip: Matrix Contacts Button”

  1. Hopefully this move will make the customer interaction for the User Interface and User Experience smoother. This makes MRIS more compact and straight forward in leaving the core functionality.

  2. Thanks Shirley, we always appreciate hearing what our customers think of our products. This change was made a while ago – how has it affected the way you use the MRIS Homes app?


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