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rbiBROKER Productivity Reports

January 29, 2014  |  by Jess

Get back to managing instead of pushing paper with rbiBROKER! rbiBROKER gives you the tools to evaluate current agents, recruit new agents, or see how your office is doing compared to others via market share reports using new metrics and capabilities that are not available in Matrix or rbiEXPERT.

Here are just a few things you can do with rbiBROKER:

  • Run Productivity Reports Using Both Sides of the Transaction. With rbiBROKER, productivity is counted using both the list side and sales side of the transaction providing a full picture of an agent or office’s productivity. Statistics are broken down by List Side, Sale Side and Both Sides to help you better analyze your agents or office’s productivity.
  • Easily Identify New Recruits. Quartiles are provided with the Agent Summary report to quickly identify recruiting targets.
  • Get Statistics and Metrics Available at Agent or Office Level. Average DOM, Average List Price, Price Ratios and other statistics as well as new metrics such as Days to Settlement and the number of listings that Fell Through are available at both the agent and office level.
  • Search at a High Level or Get Granular. With rbiBROKER’s easy-to-use search interface, you can search by County, ZIP Code and other criteria to get a high-level or granular look at productivity, and up-to-date statistics are provided by using the Date Range search features.

New Features Have Recently Been Added!

  • New Charts – Two new charts have been added to the Agent Detail and the Office Detail reports to quickly see how current productivity is compared to the past three years.

    • Closed Transactions – Gives you a chart with the last three years of productivity as well as the year-to-date productivity of an agent or office. Closed Transactions represents both sides of the transaction.
    • Listings Obtained – Gives you a chart with the last three years of Listings Obtained as well as the year-to-date listings an agent or office has obtained. Listings Obtained counts the listing side only and does not look at the status of how the listing finished (Sold, Expired, etc.). It looks solely at Listing Date and either the Listing Agent ID or Listing Broker ID.
  • New rbiBROKER Graphs

  • New Search Criteria – Three new options under the Search Criteria have been added.


    • Office Name – In addition to Broker Code, you can put in a partial for a company name and bring back all the offices or agents associated with that office.
    • Office County – In addition to being able to search by the County where the Listing is located, you can now search by the County the office is located.
    • Office Zip – In addition to being able to search by the Zip where the Listing is located, you can now search by the Zip the office is located.

New rbiBROKER Search Fields

How Much Does It Cost? rbiBROKER is competitively priced compared to other products on the market. For only $120/quarter you can have access to the product, or subscribe annually and obtain a 15% savings.

How Do I Learn More about rbiBROKER? Click here to get even more information about rbiBROKER, or if you’re ready to subscribe today, click here.

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