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Are You Maximizing Your Facebook Presence as a REALTOR®?

June 17, 2011  |  by RETechnology

Facebook is the king of social media. As one of the first websites to thrive on user generated content, it continues to grow in popularity. With more than 600 million users worldwide, it ranks among the top three most popular sites – surpassing Google™ in traffic at one point in time.

Facebook has inspired an unprecedented number of people to willingly share personal and professional information with others. It sounds like a marketer’s dream –and it can be—although one must know how to use the site correctly

The best way to use Facebook for marketing is widely debated due to its constant evolution. For many REALTORS®, using Facebook is absolutely necessary to staying relevant in the industry. Reason being, it’s specifically designed to connect and establish relationships with other people.

As many new home buyers are proficient with social media –especially Facebook—it’s crucial to build a presence in the space where they spend so much time.  These prospective home buyers often recap the details of their search, giving REALTORS® the information they need to reach out.

REALTORS® benefit from the site with professional-looking profile that adds the their own personal touch.  After all, a great personality attracts people. Infusing one’s personality with valuable content can significantly increase their presence on the social media giant.

Posting videos and images of properties is common practice among many REALTORS® as a way of enticing potential buyers.  Whether you make a personal page or a business page, visual media stimulates interest and often generates a click through.

Therefore, Facebook provides a fantastic way for REALTORS® to connect and interact with potential clients. As always, it’s free to sign up so there’s no financial obligation to use it.  However, it’s pervasiveness and marketing potential makes it a necessity for REALTORS® looking to generate new business.

As a REALTOR®, are you maximizing your Facebook potential?

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One response to “Are You Maximizing Your Facebook Presence as a REALTOR®?”

  1. MRIS_Anne says:

    Just think about the power of Facebook… it is the only tool that seamlessly integrates your personal life with your business life. When potential clients look at your Facebook, they aren't just sizing up your properties and your transaction history, it is a chance for them to get an inside look of you as a person. They want to know about you. Do you like dogs? Do you have pictures with your kids? Where did last each lunch? (I joke on that because somebody, somewhere is always posting how they had Chipotle for lunch.)

    Look at Facebook as a chance to make a good first impression. If potential clients like what they see, your phone might just ring.

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