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Free MRIS Core Products You May Not Be Using But Should

June 22, 2016  |  by Jess

MRISmobileappsAfter meeting with our customers at our MRIS R.O.A.D. Show events, we realize that some are unaware of the additional products and services available to use for FREE as part of the core MRIS subscription. There’s more you can use besides Matrix and Keystone! Here’s a quick list of some of our lesser known offerings and how they can help you and your business:

•   MRIS Close It – MRIS Close It! instantly produces an accurate and editable Closing Disclosure that you can email, save, print and share. Simply enter a purchase price and down payment and let MRIS Close It! handle the rest.

•   ShowingTime for the MLS – ShowingTime for the MLS allows you to share and access showing information from Keystone, Matrix, and the Homesnap Pro app.

•   MRIS Mobile – The MRIS Mobile app lets you use your Android or iOS device to quickly and easily update a listing’s Status, Price, Expiration Date, and Internet Remarks as well as edit, delete, and replace listing photos for residential sale and rental listings already submitted to the MLS.

•   MRIS Marketing Center – With MRIS Marketing Center you can create stunning marketing materials that impress clients. Save steps by having your listing data auto-populated through Keystone.

If you want to learn more about these products and how to use them, check out for a list of classes near you!

Already using these products? Which are your favorites? If you aren’t using them, which will you try first? Let us know in the comments.

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5 responses to “Free MRIS Core Products You May Not Be Using But Should”

  1. John Manchester says:

    Love the free Core products, but why won't MRIS use the product to it's fullest potential? I've brought this up before and I continue to scratch my head as to why it's not being used. Showing Time has the ability to allow showing agents to disclose their type of agency, at first contact, with the listing agent. Oh by the way, this is required. Our company asked showing time to install a mandatory, simple radio button next to the type of agency, on the showing request. Showing Time made the simple change very quickly and at no cost. As a list agent, I now know what type of agent is showing my listing at first contact. . Buyer agent, Seller agent or Dual Agent. If MRIS would only adopt and incorporate this in to MRIS showing time, I could now tell listing agents who I represent, at first contact, when the appointment is being requested. So simple to make this required disclosure but no one will take up this task. Go ahead and make a sample appointment on my listing HR8565021to see how it works. (Just complete the request and confuse the seller).

  2. Bob J says:

    Where is anyone acting as a seller's agent when showing someone else's listing – I think it has been at least 10+ years since I've seen anyone in that capacity – and wouldn't a dual agent be the listing agent? Not sure I understand the logic behind this…

  3. greg f says:

    loved the email service too ! sorry to see MRIS give up on this

  4. Denise says:

    I love the showing time app. The only complaint I have is when you schedule showings it blocks off an hour. If you are in a subdivision & can see 3 in an hour, it won't allow you to book all 3 in that hour. Can they just do the time of the showing, say 3 pm, then add another showing at 3:30, then another at 3:45?

  5. Betsy says:

    I am in WV. Please make MRIS Close It available in WV.

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