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MRIS Compliance Games Event 1: Coming Soon Status

August 8, 2016  |  by Michelle

comingsoon_matrixThe MRIS Compliance Games are officially open! Every day this week we will have a different quiz consisting of 5 questions. Answer the quiz for each of the five events to maximize your chance to win. Click here for the official contest rules.

Today’s event is the Coming Soon Status Event! Before starting the quiz, be sure to warm up on some of the the Coming Soon FAQs here.

Good luck!

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29 responses to “MRIS Compliance Games Event 1: Coming Soon Status”

  1. Karen says:

    Thanks for the fun questions. I know MLS customers will enjoy testing their knowledge.

  2. Donna Turing says:

    Wish everyone would take a minute to complete the quiz. Great exercise!

  3. Ana Maria says:

    This is a great way to sharpen skills

  4. Ritu Desai says:

    Love the contest!! Great way to brush up some knowledge about MRIS.

  5. Lori Kluge says:

    Great way to make sure we agents are doing it correctly

  6. Deb Ruef says:

    Agreed, a great way to brush up and sharpen our knowledge.

  7. Diane says:

    knowledge is a wonderful thing!

  8. Gerri says:

    A couple of questions I answered wrong so either rules have changed or I didn't have the correct information in the beginning. Glad I updated myself.

  9. Becky says:

    Great idea!! This is interesting, plus the money would be nice.

  10. Renee mankoff says:


  11. Kim says:

    Great refresher, thanks.

  12. Heidi Weaver says:

    Good activity to test are knowledge

  13. I have seen coming soon status on Zillow and Trulia. Are they not getting this information from the MLS?

  14. Lorena Rojas says:

    thanks for posting this, that was fun!

  15. MRIS_Jess says:

    Thanks everyone for the positive comments! Day 2's event is now open – test your knowledge of photo/video usage for another chance to win!

    Event 2: Photos and Videos

  16. Maggie Burnette says:

    MRIS Compliance quiz is a great way to stay aware and remain compliant. That was fun.

  17. Lisa Sanford says:

    fun and educational! best of both worlds

  18. Stacie Storm says:

    so much fun! I got them all right!

  19. AJenkins says:


  20. Susan Williams says:

    on my ipad, the turquoise (?) button to submit info for drawing is below the line and you cannot see it to submit. On one of the tests I could see the edge of it so got that one submitted but other ones, could not see a way to send info. I think the tests are fun. Thanks for all you do.

  21. Denise says:

    This is a great way to learn the products.

  22. Georgiana says:

    Great way to review important guidelines!

  23. Carol says:

    Great idea for a quick review on various topics!

  24. Darius Jones says:

    Oh yeah, it’s good to know DC’s funniest Realtor’s skillz are always on point! They try to get you with advertising question featuring Zillow and syndicate Trulia question tho…

  25. Angel says:

    Thanks for the questions. They are very informative to new agents.

  26. karen says:

    Fun contest

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