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RBI Market Statistics Now Available On Matrix Listings!

July 21, 2011  |  by Anne

Notice a new graph on your Full Agent Display in Matrix for each listing? Now, all Full Agent Displays will provide a snapshot of that listing’s zip code market activity – conveniently in a graph form.

Use the RBI graphs located towards the bottom right of the Full Agent Display to view the number of new listings, sold listings, and new pending listings over the past three months.

The Full Agent Display is viewed over 2.5 million times per week by all MRIS customers – that’s a lot of searches for just one week! With such great local statistical information at your fingertips, get more out of your “go-to” display. Use the new market activity graphs to better understand a specific market area and confidently present this information it to potential buyers.

Like what you see? For even more specific local and regional statistics that go beyond the last three months, visit to see how easy it is to customize market statistics to meet your business needs.  The newly launched rbiMOBILE, exclusively for rbiEXPERT, helps you keep up on-demand statistics right on your smartphone.  Learn more!


Check out a screen shot of the new display below, and start using them in Matrix now!


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13 responses to “RBI Market Statistics Now Available On Matrix Listings!”

  1. MRIS_Anne says:

    Has anyone tried out the new graphs? We'd love to hear what you think about the new addition to Matrix!

  2. Sonni Lieberman says:

    Excellent addition! Great job!

  3. Arlene says:

    I can't see it!

  4. Diego Diaz says:

    The Graphs are extremely useful, informative and convenient. Thank you for your Innovative Efforts

  5. Craig F says:

    Love what you guys are up to at MRIS!

  6. Nancy K says:

    Sorry, DON"T like it — takes up space that info about the listing should have and makes that information harder to see.

  7. Love this addition! Thanks

  8. Paul Welch says:

    I saw this and was impressed good information to have for many reasons

  9. Lin HIley says:

    I'm still not sure whether the info is useful to me. As an appraiser, I'm more tuned in to median and average sale prices than volume of listings.

  10. Sarah Funt says:

    I'm thrilled to see you all keeping us cutting edge
    many thanks, Sarah Funt

  11. Emily Verdel says:

    After seeing this embed, I signed up. What a great deal for only 30 bucks! I'm also an appraiser and I found all sorts of other useful metrics. Thanks for this pro tip!!

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