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What Has Done for Me Lately?

July 15, 2011  |  by Kerry

ResultsWhen you hear about, do you think “What does it do for me?” Well, there is a way to find out!

If you’re thinking “I don’t remember ever getting a lead from HomesDatabase”, there may be a good reason for that. Many agents and brokers are surprised to discover that they either don’t have a website, email or phone number on file with MRIS, or that the information is out of date.

Make sure your contact information is up to date by logging into, and clicking on My Account under Quick Links. Click on Account Changes, and then Change My Contact Information. This video tutorial also shows you how to update your contact information.

Once you have updated your contact information, the next step is to start having the monthly ListHub activity reports, for your listings, emailed to you. This service is included in your MRIS subscription – there is no additional cost.  Simply click on the ListHub link under Quick Links on If you have not yet logged into ListHub, it’s a good idea to click on Settings in the upper right corner, and then User Information to ensure that your contact information is correct here as well.  Then, click on the Channels tab to select the channels that you want to send your listings to. You will now receive email reports every month that show you how many views and leads your getting on each syndication channel, including

These reports provide you with valuable information that you can give to your sellers to show them the interest their properties are receiving on HomesDatabase and other syndication channels. Click here to watch a video tutorial on the benefits of ListHub for agents. Click here to watch a video tutorial on the benefits of ListHub for brokers.

You can also view all video tutorials in the HomesDatabase Toolkit to help you take full advantage of the advertising power and lead generation of and see what it can do for you.

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One response to “What Has Done for Me Lately?”

  1. Nick Gioia says:

    This spin on is really a joke. The website only hurts agents.

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