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WebSettlement Xpress Training: Running Reports

January 5, 2012  |  by Anne

See how to add and link properties in WebSettlement Xpress to expedite the creation of your financial reports. Using those properties and preferences, create a one-page Estimated Settlement Costs worksheet addressing settlement expenses, house payment costs, and tax consequences for each buyer or seller.

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5 Responses to “WebSettlement Xpress Training: Running Reports”

  1. Karen Donaldson says:

    When the stars are a lined Settlement Xpress is a dream, but some days I just want to pull my thinning hair out trying to use it!

  2. suzanne Valentin says:

    interesting concept

  3. karen donaldson says:

    Pulling out my hair is an interesting concept?

  4. Val Alexander says:

    Even with my glasses on I could not read what was in the video
    I use express but there are days when it makes life very frustrating
    Keep it simple! Most of us are not computer geeks!

    • Mike Diegelmann says:

      <DIV>Good Afternoon, Val,Once you open the Web Settlement Xpress demo link, select Play, then right click on the video screen itself and select “Go Full Screen” (if you are using Internet Explorer web browser) to view the demo. Other browsers should offer something like view full screen.Please feel free to contact our Support Center at or (301) 838-7200 if you need help with Web Settlement Xpress.Let us know what your pain points and suggestions are regarding Web Settlement Xpress at you for bringing these matters to our attention.Respectfully,Mike Diegelmann Product Management | MRIS(301) 838-7236 Direct | Voice Message | Fax (301) 838-4635 Local Fax (847) 890-7100 eFax (Fax to eMail)

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