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XactSite Tip: Let New Clients Find You by Maximizing Search Engine Key Words (Part II)

September 25, 2011  |  by Anne

Last month you learned about Search Engine Key Words and how they play an important roll in raising your XactSite website ranking. Part II of this SEO series is geared towards creating a strong search engine description that will get more consumers to visit your site.

What is a Search Engine Description?
Search Engine Descriptions are displayed under your website link in search engines like Google or Bing. Your description is your opportunity to WOW homebuyers – so take full advantage with a strong intro!

What should my Description say?
Your description should be brief, but specific to your business.  Provide a call to action like, “Don’t miss your chance to own your dream house in Rockville, start searching now!”  to create an inviting description that will get consumers to click.

How do I add my Description on my XactSite website?

  • Log into your XactSite control panel
  • Select “My Website”
  • Select “My Homepage” under “Website Content”
  • Enter your keywords under “Search Engine Description”

Creating customizable search words on your website is sure to be a hit – literally, watch your website hits soar with your newly found SEO optimization! For further assistance with your XactSite website or IDX solution, visit for more great tips or contact the MRIS Support Center at  301-838-7200 or email us at

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